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Henry David Thoreau – Quote

Hello Friends, I have a new favourite quote written by Henry David Thoreau. Thought I would share it with you –     “if one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which…
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andra rossi tom and doug

Tom & Doug interviews Andrea Rossi – again

The world’s greatest Radio Hosts, Tom & Doug, has released yet another exclusive interview with Inventor Andrea Rossi in honor of his birthday, June 03. Andrea is apparently interviewed over the phone from the Shipping Container that he retrofitted into a…
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Alchemy made easy

Water, Salt, Copper Alchemy made easy Renzo Mondaini is an electronics technician from Italy who likes to explore Cold Fusion during his spare time. I learned about him a few years ago after he posted a video on YouTube of Electrolytic…
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Quantum Tunnelling in Cold Fusion (DBs)

Hi everybody! Lately we are receiving lots of emails and invitations from all over the world since coming back from Italy. China, France, Japan and America. Amazing! I would love to go to Japan, and America but there is not enough time…
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Ruby Carat interviews US NAVY Scientists

Follow Nature`s Documents   Ruby Carat of Cold Fusion Now has recently produced a mini documentary called: Follow Nature`s Documents.  The video comprises interviews of Navy Scientists and Engineers working with Cold Fusion / LENR at the US Spawar program….
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Cold Fusion Buzz

Hi Friends, Spending 5 days at ICCF I had the chance to speak to many humans. I meet people from NASA, CERN, SRI, ENEA, various universities, the EU Commision, Philanthropists, Investors, Industrialists, Enthusiasts, Students… I was very interested to ask…
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quantum gravity, klee Irwin

Quantum Gravity Research on Cold Fusion

The reason why I have not reported in much is because I made some new friends, and have spent a lot of time with them.  I meet Klee, Dan and Aaron from Quantum Gravity Research. I knew of them from…
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ICCF Day 3

The conference starts in the afternoon today because there is a tour of the cities new Botanical Garden. Id love to see it but I went straight to the conference center hoping to meet some other researchers. Everyone has a…
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bill gates, padua, iccf19

Bill Gates in Padua?

There seems to be a bit of confusion about what can be read in the news papers. Andrea Ropado from Passi22 draw my attention by posting a picture to my facebook page. It seems Andrea have gotten the information…
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ICCF19 – Day 2

The day started with a presentation of Melvin Miles, who showed some highlights from the research of Martin Fleischmann. He also touched base a little on those institutes and persons that worked against Cold Fusion back in the days. (Ex…
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Cold Fusion Reactor Fuel Capsule Parkhomov Dog Bone

ICCF19 Day 1 – Tom Darden and Parkhomov

ICCF19 Day 1    The conference in Padua started with an orchestra playing and a welcoming by the mayor. This is my first time visiting ICCF and it has been an important day with many impressions to take in. McKubre spoke…
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