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The Sky Has No Limits


My goal for this log 2013 was to reach 1 Million Page Views
I reached my goal and that’s not bad for my first year as a blogger!

When I started November last year I had only a average of 12 visitors a day and 107 for December. My first adventure was a trip to MIT in Boston where I meet travel blogger and SEO Expert Na Eun. She showed me how to use social media to win over some more traffic and after a few months it came clear to me that I was going to smash all my targets unless I raised them.

Its not just hard work from my side leading to these numbers, both Google and Facebook have given me free virtual money for spending on Advertisement and there is all the people who Shared and Liked my links and material.

Cold Fusion Revolution



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“The Harder You Work To Build Something The More You Will Appreciate The Result”


I believe that access to good information is incredible important for us here on this planet to take the right decisions that can increase our life quality but also to assure the  survival of our species. Maybe you where borne with a Smart Phone in your hand and take these inventions for granted?

If you haven’t realized- this world is undergoing a revolutionary explosions of communication and information technology right now. People are now able to spread and share their ideas with the speed of light all over the world. If you spread a good idea people will share that idea and you as a person can influence thousands, maybe millions of others in no time at all.


“Our economy is soon going to switch from a paradigm of scarcity (Malthusianism) to abundance. People and animals will no longer be viewed as worthless eaters or competition, but instead as assets and team mates. We will set up exponential productions facilities outside the Earth’s gravity well using LENR, LENT, and 3D printing ( http://coldfusionnow.org/exponential-production-using-lenr-lent-and-3d-printing/ ), and there will be cosmopolitan travel up and down the Earth’s gravity well. This will all begin when clean energy is too cheap to meter via LENR, since very cheap and super abundant (clean is nice too) energy is the main bottleneck to our economy. Within 3 decades we can expect radical longevity treatments and artificial intelligence smarter than human, ushering in the Singularity. The future is so bright, we’ll have to wear shades.” / Brad Arnold


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In an ideal world Cold Fusion would have been commercialized 2013 or even a few years ago.

I was hoping 2013 would be The Year for LENR / Cold Fusion!
Instead 2013 has been the year of war in Syria,  governmental scandals, corporate greed, animal extinctions, nuclear waste accidents, terrorism, financial instability and so much more.


The reason our world looks like this is simple to explain!

-Someone made it so!


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-We Got The Pow(d)er!

* Do not hesitate to reach out for our experienced team of business developers and request experimental Cold Fusion Devices,  Private Demonstration, Powders and / or Materials.  Dr Bob Crew can also put your logo on a new kind of LENR related technologies soon to be announced. 


2 Responses to “1 Million Pageviews”

  1. Clean Low Energy Nuclear Reactions – Popularly Known as Cold Fusion Energy

    Now that LENR energy is old news, many wonder about the greatest cold fusion energy anomaly ever, which is: “How did this become the greatest scientific discovery of humanity and why was it trashed and continuously labeled as junk and pseudo science, even up to the time of it entering, and blowing away, the energy marketplace? –gbgoble1/1/14”

    Why was the science of “cold fusion” trashed and labeled as junk? How did it emerge fully developed as space planes and Boeing 747’s out of DARPA and NASA before any mainstream radio, newsprint, or T.V. reporting coverage?

    Historical investigators will certainly turn up the answers to these questions. After all, this is the information (and unlimited energy) age.

    • People are wakening up thanks to alternative media, social media and the exponential growth of data.

      Now a days we have access to so many kinds of sources of information that we can cross exam facts from different sources, make an analysis and then draw our own conclusions.

      More and more, people are starting to understand that News Media is just a business just as any other and they will print and focus on whatever they get paid to.

      All demand is created and its not about the best merchandise, its about making the most possible profit, thats how our society is built up and that goes not only for business, it often goes for science, politics, war, sport, religion….. as well

      Everything else comes second… unfortunately

      Cold Fusion has been buried in all the irrelevant information about other technologies because these industries have tens or hundred of year of advance and have been able to Gooble up wast amounts of money to spend on marketing, lobbying and influencing opinions.

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