My russian colleague Dr. Nikolay Samsonenko made quite a remark-able statement last week, during the conference on Cold Fusion, at the Russian Peoples Friendship University in Moscow.

According to Samsonenko, he “expects” – that there is over one hundred Dog Bone type of Cold Fusion projects ongoing in Russia, currently as we speak. Thats quite a statement!

Whats next?
Iranian Laboratories getting into the game?



Psychologically, right now, the situation for Cold Fusion is very tensioned.
Well formulated complex questions will need well researched, simple and honest answers.


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The problem is that questions has been raised regarding the validity of certain dog bone measurements that has been made with IR Cameras. (A device that measures heat energy)


* Was the cameras using the right settings?
* If not - what implications, would that have for the measurements-  and Cold Fusion?
* What lessons can we learn from this situation? 



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In a field where very little is black or white, the more data there is, the better for those striving to search for the truth – whatever it turns out to be.

So we must unfortunately embrace scrutiny as something positive!

At least, I still have my chocolate chip fika cookies.


- I love cookies!!!!





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