The Adventures of Kim Jung Un

Poor Korea used to be colonized by  The Empire of Japan until they where forced to surrender to their allies and  Korea was declared “independent” in 1945. After 1945 a quasi war began between “Communism and Wester Capitalistic Regimes”. The Soviet Union was on team with China and the North Part of Korea while America was on team with the South Part of Korea which led to further conflicts for the struggling people.

Korea was thrown into a bloody war that lasted from 1950 – 1953

Since 1953 there have been an a “Cold War” between the South and North.



South Korea is a rich area where the people enjoy a higher grade of liberty while North Korea is a highly undeveloped country with large parts of the population starving. What is mutual for all the people of these countries no matter they be from South or North is to live under the constant fear of war breaking out again.

Kim Jung Un aka K1 is the  “Glorious Leader” of  “The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea”, also knows as North Korea. Kim Jung Un is the 3rd generation of his family to be in control of North Korea, he is also the worlds youngest head of state, highly eccentric.

Its common to hear in western media that “North Korea must never be allowed to develop Nuclear Weapons“.


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I believe that no country in the world should be allowed to develop or maintain Nuclear Weapons, weather it be mine country or yours. The reasons I think so is because Nuclear Weapons is the Nr 1 threat to life on earth.

Today our weapons are so strong that just a hand full of them can throw enough dirt into the atmosphere of the planet to reflect the Suns Rays and create a new Ice Age. (And we have thousands of these bombs)

Is there any reasonable objection to why we should not start  to decommission the huge stockpiles of Nuclear Weapons on a global scale? Advanced Cold Fusion technology can be used to Neutralize Nuclear Waste.


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  1. Totally agree. Plus you forgot to mention the ridiculous expenses of. The creation and – specially- maintenance of all these weapons considering that all these is people’s money and that poor healthcare and lack of pensions do kills people and is cheaper then the billions sent on nuclear weapons.

    Do you have any way to find out the expenses of destroying this weapons??

    • Banksy, thats very deep

      In the world of nuclear waste treatment there is a saying:
      The best solution for pollution is dilution.

      I suppose that means you just dump thousands of containers in the ocean all around the world..
      Thats why you have to repaint your boat so often…

      Lets go party!

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