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I thought Id  be objective and serious, for once, and give a quick update on the situation with the Dog Bone.

The Dog Bone is of course the most talked about Cold Fusion technology out there at the moment. Not only because it has been validated by an international group of scientists with connections to prestigious universities, and the Nobel Prize Committee, but also because its said to be a product, offered on the market.



Andrea Rossi 1MW Plant


Andrea Rossi, the Italian Inventor working with a multi billion dollar group in America, has taken lots of these devices and hooked them up with each other in shipping containers, in order to create portable energy plants.

The reason for this is that he is not allowed to sell these devices to consumers, yet. Andrea can walk around some of the obstacles, Do It, by selling these plants to certain companies which have trained personnel to handle them.

According to different webpages Andrea Rossi uses to communicate, one of these plants are operating at a customer location, producing heat energy 24/7. Their goal is to have this power plant operating stable over time, saving money for the customer.



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Over Unity?


Meanwhile, parts of the international scientific community have studied the published report about the dog bone and tried to, based on this report, replicate the devices and the cold fusion effects.

One American scientist announced  that they have seen a little bit of excess heat (over unity) in a few dog bone experiments- but not enough to spark a revolution.

We also know that dog bone testing have started in for example Sweden, Canada and France.

The country that claims to be most successful is Russia.



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Alexander Parkhomov 


Russia has several teams claiming excess energy from dog bone technology.  Alexander Parkhomov, being furthest, is receiving quite the attention. Not only does he claim huge amounts of excess energy and nuclear transmutations, but he has developed cheaper, and easier to build, devices.

One thing is for sure- even with Alexander`s design, the fail rates are pretty high.

Bob Greenyer from MFMP went to visit Alexander in Moskva last week, to attend a conference on Cold Fusion, as well to run experiments, in order to verify the claims. A las, while heating up, the device cracked. Bob did however manage to exchange a lot of information with Alexander, so hopefully, MFMP can continue their tests without him.

At the moment, most eyes outside Russia are focusing on the MFMP

They have the organisation, and the know how, to stream experiments in real time over the internet.  If they get their hands over something that can be replicated, they will start distributing devices to other teams for further research.



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Bullet Points:


* These dog bone replication efforts have recently started and have high fail rate
* A few teams claims limited success with dog bone technology
* Most notable is Alexander Parkhomov from Russia 
* Several new teams are getting into The Game
* Much more data, and successful validations, is needed
* If a few people can do this now, hundreds should be able to, within short
* For those who doesn`t want to wait on news from Andrea Rossi, there is open projects to follow




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Cold Fusion is important, but maybe more important is our interactions with others!


Everyone are free to make up their own belief, whatever it might be.  All I ask is this –  If you decide to discuss this technology on our blog, whatever you believe, for or against, please be respectful and nice to each other.



Peace and Love / DB


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