BEM Conference

The Global Breakthrough Energy Conference have just started in Boulder, Colorado. Its being arranged by the Global Energy Movement, an important organization promoting and supporting alternative energy technologies.

I would not vouch personally for all these technologies because I do not have enough knowledge about them but I am intrigued by a lot of the observations and claims coming from many of the researchers behind them.

If I had the possibility to examen some of these technologies closer that would have been awesome because I think that we might benefit from combining Cold Fusion with other technologies in the future for most efficient possible space applications.


Among the technologies discussed you find:

  • Cold Fusion
  • Zero Point Energy
  • Anti-Gravity
  • Magnetic Motors
  • Cavitation Energy

Why am I so obsessed about space?
There are UNLIMITED resources in Space.
We should EXPLOIT these UNLIMITED resources in Space rather that each other here on planet earth.



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Hydro Power is cute but it wont solve all our problems, actually these darn dames take away the animals natural habitats. Norway is a country producing huge amount of Hydro Power.

I just spoke to some Norwegian Conspiracy Theorists I meet at the Iguassu Waterfalls in Brazil. They told me that when it rains a lot in Norway, the price of electricity does not go down  for the end consumers which one would expect…

They even went so far as to claim that their country instead sells this extra energy cheaper to neighboring countries for a price thats lower than what they themselves have to pay.

Wow , can you believe that? … I guess how to store the surplus is always a problem with renewable energy.

One company who did not fully understand the concept of our work  contacted us and wanted to pay our organization piles of money for selling the rights to release pollution in other countries. (Carbon Points)

Carbon Dioxide is a deadly toxin and making money on selling the right to release it in less developed countries would be highly unethical.

- I am not against people killing each other for money, I just think that people who wants to profit from this line of work should start with killing themselves before moving on to killing other!

You can make money on trading Carbon Dioxide just like you would trading stocks, currency or food.


Cold Fusion Vs Hydro: 1 – 1


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Among the speakers of BEM you will find:

  • Jason Verbelli - Searl Magnetics
  • Garret Moddel – Engineer for Quantum Devices
  • Foster Gamble – Funded the movie “Thrive, What On Earth Will It Take”
  • Moray King – Physicist
  • Ruby Carat – Good Friend of mine
  • James Martinez - Radio Host
  • Steven Ross - Founder of the World Research Foundation
  • Sam Mason - Freedom Activist
  • Mark LeClair - CEO & Founder, NanoSpire
  • James Schmidt - Vice president of New Energy Systems TrustWe wish we could have been there with all of you, since we cant, we are following through the Live Stream:


Watch live streaming video from globalbem at

Peace Love And Understanding


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  1. Steve Leombruno says:

    GlobalBEM was a Life changing event for me.

    • Im quite sure It would have been for me as well.
      It breaks my heart thinking about how I missed it.

      There was so many people there I would have wanted to meet.

      Can you tell me what I missed and how it was?

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