There is a lot of documents and information made publicly on the Internet at the moment regarding a lawsuit filed by Andrea Rossi’s Leonardo Corporation Vs Tom Darden’s Industrial Heat / Cherokee Investment fund entities.

We do not see the whole picture, so much is left out for speculations. As is the nature of the nervous human species, most speculations have a negative angling where one worst case scenario after another is being pictured – but personally, I see very little reason (for now) to worry. In fact, everything is moving forward according to the master plan very smoothly, and the small glimpses of information we get is really just hedges in a great game of chess to secure the best possible outcome of every potential scenario.




Oh No – There is a patent war!


Well, this was 100% expected since years by everyone following the unfolding saga.  There are hundreds of predictions posted on the Internet already about an all out war with armies of lawyers between Andrea Rossi and Francesco Piantelli. Both Italians, both pioneers within Nickel Hydrogen based Cold Fusion. Piantelli has a gentle and shy persona, so the threats about lawsuits come rather as speculations from his followers, people who have foreseen Piantelli being the one taking the leading role within Cold Fusion Development. Their motivation for predicting this scenario has been foremost their own pride, being able to say “I told you so”.

But the idea of patent trolling or all out patent war has in no way been a conspiracy theory, but instead a rather probably scenario a dead fish could have foreseen just by knowing the history of scientists and investors over the decades who has been pawned by those wielding monetary and political power. There are many inventors whose technology helped to reshape the world who walked away with nothing less than debts. Of course, the schoolbook example being Serbian Inventor Nicola Tesla.



Greed or just bad communication?


Andrea Rossi is by now means a ordinary person so it is quite probable that he from time to time is difficult to work with. The same can be said about the guys at Cherokee Investment Fund / Industrial Heat, which is more than anything a lawyer stronghold. Let me tell you straight up, for a lawyer, every problem becomes pragmatic as they love to create elaborate juridical structures and overwhelming amounts of sometimes hard to understand paperwork.

When you siffer through the documents on the case you will find that Andrea Rossi’s pre-emptive legal attack really is nothing more than a hedge on the board of chess.

* Darden & CO has already made two payments of out three to Rossi
* The third payment was 89 million dollars, a sum that should have fallen out 5 days after the conclusions of the one year test (If results was satisfactory)
* Cherokee Investment Fund has created lots of new Legal Entities (corporations) which might cause some confussion in regards to ownersship of technology and licensees
* Rossi is hedging against the possibility that legal technicalities will give Darden & CO ownership of his technology (old and new one)
* Darden & CO seems to want to control not only Rossi’s technology, but also his competitors
* Rossi has developed a second generation technology that is claimed to capable of producing heat, light and electricity (not only heat)


Even with an ongoing internal lawsuit there is nothing hindering both parties to continue forward with mutually beneficial partnership and cooperation.  



What about the “ERV” Report?


During the one-year test of the plant there has been an “independent” referee present to make sure that the plant produced energy with a minimal efficiency averaging COP 6. This meaning that on average, the plant had to produce at least 6 times as much energy as what was put into it.

This is the report many people have spoken about for months. Tt’s release will indicate the ROI on Cold Fusion Technology over time, as well clarify if there is any important safety concerns that could hinder mass production.

* In order to release the report, all involved parties have to sign under on it
* If Darden & CO sign on a positive conclusion, they should also pay out 89 millions to Rossi
* Should they not sign, they will have problems with their investors
* Rossi wants his money so he can invest them in production
* Filing the lawsuit everyone now can see the proposed efficiency of the plant, regardless if Darden & CO has signed on it or not
* If it truly is Darden’s & CO interest to commercialise Cold Fusion for environmental reasons, they have to work with Rossi
* Even just as a licensee with no ownership to IP, Darden & CO gets to make A LOT of money
* By not signing on the report and releasing it, Darden & CO implies that either the technology does not work, or they have an black watery agenda different from what they have let us belive



better call saul



Why Andrea Rossi holds all the cards?


My log has foreseen that Cold Fusion would lead to at least 3 revolutions:

1: A scientific revolution where we further our understanding of physics
2: An industrial revolution where a stagnated economy is been given a boost as we set out to transform society

and …..

3: A social revolution
I think that by the hour now it’s getting more clear to everyone what we meant with the social revolution.

Imagine a scenario where Europe, or Asia – kickstarts their Cold Fusion Production with all the financial and environmental advantages coming along it, while America stays in the age of Fossil Fuel. That would be bad news for the dollar, bad news for their trade deficit and bad news for Industrial Heat. Yes – there would be riots.

The Chinese guys and the Russians seems to be doing rather fine on their Nickel Hydrogen Research, so even if Rossi gave away a few pointers on the fuel preparation, he would not have to give away very much. Furthermore he can easily do so without the knowledge of the establishment and within weeks High Efficiency Cold Fusion would be replicated all over the world. (Assuming that the technology works as good as proposed.)

A scenario where Darden & co’s corporate greed causes US to become the next Zimbabwe is certainly not one that Industrial Heat would want to deal with. So – Darden & CO with their nice Christian background and suspect military connections really do not have more to aim for except for slightly increasing their position with Rossi’s grace as they hope to see him legally  meeting half way.

* Andrea Rossi is not known to back down easily!



Rossi’s credibility?


- Rossi needs Industrial Heat / Cherokee in his back, because they have credibility while he has not.


Obviously, there are many people who doubt the credibility of any of this, which is normal. However, Rossi’s credibility can very swiftly be determined in a matter of week if a few “REAL INDEPENDENT” tests were scheduled. Then in June this year, during a conference in Sweden, Rossi would be bathing in offers based on his own terms. The legal kinks that can prohibit huge investors to strike deals with Rossi is not a big problem because Rossi will make money (assuming everyone agree the technology works) and LENR / Cold Fusion will thrive like never before.

This will then lead to a commercial world war where nations and corporations, both snaky and sincere, fight over using the technology for whatever benefit it may offer their agenda.




* There is not need to worry, Darden & CO are good Christians
* Rossi was able to get the results of the ERV report into the knowledge of the public within tens of days as promised
* Darden & CO has created legal structures and filling patents that possible can be interpreted in a way (?) not first agreed upon
* Commercialisation will march forward
* Darden & CO really needs to play nice or their Christian virtues will be questioned. They could potentially still sell to America without Rossi’s good grace but this would case them serious problems with their reputation in terms of fair play.

Among all possible things that can happen, I hope for a nice solution and I hope that Darden & CO will continue their important work within Cold Fusion, as well become rewarded for their nice work. Hopefully, they can all act as men and solve all the problems accordingly.



lner shop T-stocks 002 (1)



In Other News  


This weekend, both the MFMP and LFH  (LookingForHeat) are preparing for active experimentations.

- MFMP,  Live streamed GlowStick experiment with Lugano Fuel
- LFH, Video and data from Model T with Passivated Lithium, Lithium Aluminium Hydride & Hydrogenated Nano Nickel.

Who knows if anything good comes out of this, but one thing is for sure – the stream of data, news, and information will continue to pour onto the Internet. The truth is out there, and whatever it is, one day we shall find it.

* This log is not a 100% serious journal and we are not always very careful checking our sources of information. The information given in this log post is obviously highly speculative and some of the statements could be incorrect. Furthermore, we remain objective in regards to both parties in the lawsuit and we do not make any claims in regards to being journalists, lawyers etc



08.04.2016 UPDATED -
Just as many other stories, this one obviously have to sides to it -
You have read one of them, this is the other: Industrial Heat Press Release -’Lawsuit meritless


3 Responses to “Better Call Saul – Andrea Rossi Vs Darden & CO”

  1. The story of cold fusion is a sure fire way to bring out the trolls and nere-do-wells as evidenced in quintessentially trollish commentary that is raging. More important it also brings out those with earnest and honest hearts.

    Of course the main points of ‘cold fusion’ are more about the promise and threat that this transformational technology delivers. On one hand had ‘cold fusion’ been accepted and developed starting more than 25years ago, today the world would be without the trials and tribulations of fossil fuels, millions of lives would have been saved, more whose health has been harmed by carbon emission taken care of, and the world would be one of hope not hostility as wars over oil would not be occurring.

    Similarly those gorging themselves at the global pork barrels of oil, high energy physics, and to a lesser degree the mere trillion dollar ‘climate change’ research field would need to have found a more peaceful and beneficial path for their lives! here’s another tidbit of history

  2. I agree with the overall tone of this article, this drama is playing out in an unexpected way, finally we are seeing the light of day shone upon the underlying players and principles that have so far been hidden from public view. This is a kind of birth, a most unusual and messy process not normally seen by the public. But it’s size and scope is more like a mega Krakatoa that will be heard around the world and perhaps even further.

  3. Wow, good reasoning (for a scientific dog) I’m impressed. My thought is that Darden was requested to delay the report till later in the year by someone like Obama et. al.
    I suspect foul play here, nothing is as it seems.

    Timing is everything if you hope to make a few million on short selling oil.

    Patent world war three will be over long after the carbon energy market has been broken up and captured by, a dozen or so, different cold fusion reactors of slightly different flavours. After all, everyone’s patent has part of everyone else’s patent in it Such a mixed bag of fish, difficult to argue against while trying to explain away the bad smell. If anyone asks what pedigree my reactor has, mutt will be my answer.

    We need a Snowden in the E-Cat camp to leak all their ####… shit what’s that running down my leg??? Doggy doo not have such problems.

    Replication, replication… replication… Russia, China, Iran on and on and on… Hundreds of other labs around the world (aerospace, industrial and military) are more than adequately equipped and staffed to replicate as well, and are undoubtedly doing so.

    Therefore… I predict the lawsuits will be dropped after a few months. The reasons for the delay will evaporate. We may just find out they started to build the factory last month in spite of all these shenanigans. If you have lawyers on retainer you might as well use them for something that raises a fog, clouding up and confusing the situation. Creating senseless profits at the expense of others (if there is such a thing).

    Solution Orientation

    Problems, problems, problems…

    oiy vey!

    Why not? Go ahead… take the plunge!
    Dive deep beyond the surface of the problem…

    We find ourselves suspended in a sea of solutions.
    Infinite in their manifestation, variety, and form.


    Problems, problems, problems

    oiy vey!

    Why not? Go ahead… take the plunge!
    Problems? Dive deep and enjoy!

    Problems, problems, problems…

    oiy vey!


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