The Biggest Conspiracy Theory

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Horses Don’t Exist

The Biggest Conspiracy Theory



We hear about them all the time. Big majestic creatures roaming the earth in search of ever greener grass. I speak of course of Horses. They are said to have manes which blow in the wind, penetrating gazes and tails that resembles newborn stars. Although no one has been able to scientifically confirm their existence, society still takes the myth about horses for granted and no one seems to ask the question; are they real or just a pseudoscience?



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We have before us a worldwide conspiracy which involves governments, multinational companies and just ordinary people, all claiming to have seen them. We have big arenas where these so called horses is claimed to compete with one another, which extract money from ignorant people. We also have young girls with great psychological issues which is further propelled by the overall non questioning attitude of society and information.





We interviewed self-proclaimed horse veterinarians about the alleged existence of horses which they claim is in no need for further investigation. We disagree!

Although there are a lot of myths concerning horses the proclaimers are yet to establish inconclusive evidence for their existence. We have also been able to discern that horse veterinarians has vested interest in maintaining the myth about horses since they are financially supported by the horse equipment manufacturers and make substantial fortunes selling these lies to little kids who wants a horse for Christmas.

Horse veterinarians is often referred to in scientific reports that defends the further funding of these kinds of pseudo scientific research and diverts our tax resources from meaningful scientific research.


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“The way these scams are upheld is by describing details of the characteristics of these animals although there is not a scientific explanation that can explain their underlying science” / Esoteric Dynamics



Lets look at the facts. If there are indeed horses in existence, how come no credible person has yet to see one? How come all the alleged photographic evidence is always blurry and more often than not pertaining unicorns with sawed off horns? Where is the peer-reviewed scientific evidence?

It stand quite clear that there are people in power who has a lot to gain from  maintaining childish beliefs in these so called animals!

Cui Bono? 





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    Fine Sarcasm, my favorite!!! Cheers Bob!!!

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