There seems to be a bit of confusion about what can be read in the news papers.

Andrea Ropado from Passi22 draw my attention by posting a picture to my facebook page.

It seems Andrea have gotten the information from this article:

It seems to me as it says that Google are among the crowd already, and that Bill Gates will attend.

My Italian is not perfect, so maybe I can ask my readers to do a little bit of research and see whats going on.

There was rumors that Bill Gates would attend, before the event, as well.


Maybe he wants to play with my toys …



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What do you Think? 


I got my hands on a juicy USB Stick earlier during the day – so I will just put the Gates thing to the side and go through all that information.


If someone wants to buy a usb stick for 5000 dollars – there is one for sales.




One Response to “Bill Gates in Padua?”

  1. If he is not there he is not the forward thinker that I thought he was. If he really wants to see the third world join the first and the world at peace, then reshaping the energy paradigm seems like a pretty good start.


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