Bubble Fusion is Amazing

Bubble Fusion Is Amazing!

Its is also know as: Desktop Fusion, Shrimp Fusion, Cavitation triggered Thermonuclear Reaction, Bubble Plasma, Sonoluminescence, Implosion Technology

Last year I did a blog article about Sonoluminescence that I have had a lot of good feedback on.
Its a technic that uses Sound Waves to Create Energy in a Jar of Liquid.

Let me break that down for you: You inject a gas bubble in a liquid and then focus sound waves on it making the bubbles collapse. When the bubbles collapse a unknown reaction takes place. When scientist first discovered this phenomena what they saw was an blue radiant light. They thought the light was constant but later understood that the bubble continuously collapsed – expanded- collapsed. This cycle repeats every 0.00000000001 second.

The small bubbles was radiating a lot of energy, at least 15 000 Celsius which is 3-4 times warmer that the surface of the sun. Scientist believe that the core of the bubbles can be a lot hotter than that, maybe millions of degrees.


We Should Not Rule Out Table Top Fusion” / Michio Kaku

There is only seven teams in the whole world working on harnessing the energy from these simplistic and beautiful technologies. With now a days standards, pouring a liquid into Oil that increases the efficiency with 1 % while burning the oil make a company “Green” or “Sustainable“. I guess most scientist does not believe that anything useful is taking place in these experiments. Even if there was more energy being produced (Over Unity), how do we make use of it?


What do you think?




This is what I think:

Seeing is believing and no matter what other say I think that this is a energy source “Hiding In Plain Sight”. Just take a look at this propellers that have been damaged by water bubbles Imploding against it!


propeller, cavitation,


If we can control these reactions, tweak them, release them at will, scale them up and manipulation them maybe we do not need to poison ourself with Carbon Dioxide. (Good For Plants – Bad For People) That is exactly what the company Quantum Potential Corporation have set out to do.

I managed to connect with the CEO Max Fomitchev-Zamilov on LinkedIn.

 fusioncar, lenrcar,


Quantum Potential Corporation


Technology: Cavitation Induced Fusion (CIF)

Max explained to me that CIF is different from Sonoluminescence.

Instead of using sound waves to control one bubble the company injects multiple gas bubbles with diffusers- its something similar to what ONE would use in a fish tank to inject Oxygen.  The bubbles are in that sense engineered. As a liquid they use a special kind of Oil and they control or increase the reactions with the help of vibrations. The reactions heat up the liquid and then the excess energy is extracted through a Heat Exchanger.

(A heat exchanger is a device for transferring heat from one medium to another, you can find them in for example combustion engines, refrigerators, air conditions and different types of power plants.)

According to Max, their companies controlled reactions is up to 1000x more efficient than earlier technics.

Their company hope to have a finished product somewhere around 2016.



Just as the case with Cold Fusion- Bubble Fusion uses Hydrogen. (Deuterium / Tritium)

As you would already know if you follow my blog these technologies can lower the cost of Space Travel by heating up for example Liquid Hydrogen in Space Rockets through a ThermoNuclear (Safe) Reaction then funnel the Hydrogen more energetic downwards through a Nozzle thus increasing the thrust while lowering the cost of making Space Parties!






3 Responses to “Bubble Fusion is Amazing”

  1. Subhashish Ghosh says:

    This is amazing information but as you mentioned “there’s no Governments. Only Banks and Corporations” – will they allow QPC’s products in 2016. How will we be benefited as a common citizens?

    • Hi Subhashish,

      Your guess is as good as mine, and I would like to hear what you believe…

      7 teams in the whole world in a comparison the worlds energy industry is more or less nothing.
      Andrea Rossi and his E-cats had something that looked product-ish years ago and he was shut out from the consumer market. (for security reasons) Now instead he is trying to sell to energy utility companies that can have trained personal monitor his devices away from children, pets etc

      Just because you make a nice invention its not sure its can find its way to the market so all of these kinds technologies are to be considered high risk. (I think)

      QPC -Quantum Potential Corporation – If their claims are real, will run into the same wall or regulations that the Cold Fusion Industry is struggling with. If they do have something that works their work will be easier I suppose because they can learn from our mistakes and avoid all of these dead ends we are heading down to.

      Right now these technologies are not very popular because people dont believe in them, or they never heard of them or they dont understand the benefits and implications of them.

      These are problems I would like to find solutions to

  2. Hi, Subhashish,

    Looks like you have something there!

    Karen Christine Irwin

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