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I read today in a forum a question about Cold Fusion, and felt compelled to answer to it. The questions was this:

“How could a entrepreneur profit from the commercialization of cold fusion.

What is the potential for him?”



My answer: 


How can we NOT profit from it?


The asteroids closest to earth, those that could very well wipe us out and end humanity is fully of minerals and other goodies.

Just one liter of water in space is worth thousands of dollars!

Those asteroids closest to us is worth 100 billion dollars – per person on this planet.

Space industry will be huge within a few years with payload delivery, space tourism and asteroid mining.

If you had for example cold fusion powered rockets, and you travelled to Mars – accelerating half the way with 1G, and decelerating half the way with 1G – you could actually go to Mars, spend the weekend, and return back on earth within one week.


Thats some serious possibilities!


But also here on earth – food, water, desalination, recycling, appliances, batteries, cars, trains, air planes, popular culture, heating, cooling, robotics…..


dog money, dog coin,

We are speaking about something that has the potential to become bigger than the Internet.

Cold Fusion will be everywhere around us, and possible within us.


It will spread beyond our planet and conquer our galaxy – at least – thats my best guess, for whatever that is worth…..


Can you stand the heat?




2 Responses to “How can entrepreneurs profit from Cold Fusion?”

  1. I think that there may still be roadblock ahead, but none that can’t be overcome eventually. If someone does not soon start selling 10KW generators for the home pretty soon I am going to start thinking that I have been taken in by the singing of the LENR song.
    But I haven’t given up on it yet!!
    Why nothing on the market yet? Are there government institutions standing in the way? That’s what I want to believe. I certainly do not want to believe that there is nothing to LENR.
    I would find it extremely hard to believe the latter to be true. The other thought that academicians simply will not accept the findings of the Condensed Matter Nuclear Physics guys is perhaps another piece to the puzzle.

    For the life of me I cannot understand why there are so many people within the Nuclear Physics community that stand against the prospect of a new way of extracting energy from Matter.

    As close to Nuclear Physics as I ever got was working as a Military Microwave Electronics Technician.
    But I have seen interview after interview of learned men demonstrating the Effects of LENR.

    It isn’t particularly hard to visualize what goes on when you start saturating something like doped Zeolite with Hydrogen or Deuterium. Especially in light of Zeolites propensity for generating electric fields. Even though I am not a Physicist I have no problem seeing the mechanics of it.

    From a slightly different angle imagine 144 high strung people packed into a room 12′ x 12′. Things are going to heat up pretty fast. That’s about as much physics as I can bring to bear upon LENR.

    It is the one thing in my life that I truly see Hope for, and not only that but a source of Hope for ALL of Mankind.

    Shame on those that stand between it and the whole of Mankind. Shame!!

    Paul D. Maher

  2. “How could a entrepreneur profit from the commercialization of cold fusion.
    What is the potential for him?”
    Send me some money,I will tell you if you send me enough…

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