CBS 60 Minutes on Cold Fusion

CBS 60 Minutes did a reportage on Cold Fusion back in 2009 called: Cold Fusion Is Hot Again

The reportage features footage of Martin Fleischmann as well as Michael McKubre.

The reason I wanted to bring attention to this clip is because it also features Richard Garwin.

There is a fun segment in the show where Richard Garwin claims that McKubre, Martin Fleischmann and reputable laboratories all over the world have measured the input power of the devices wrong for over 20 years.

I think probably he measures the input power wrong.


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The reporter confronts Richard Garwin with reports from The Pentagon and Darpa which claims that there is “no doubt anomalous excess heat is produced“. Richard Garwin answers:  “I require that you be able to make one of these things, replicate it, put it here. It heats up the cup of tea. I’ll drink the tea. Then you make me another cup of tea. And I’ll drink that too.”

Richard Garwin is looked upon as one of the most respected physicists in the world. I know that when Richard Garwin speaks, people listens. He is one of these people who sets the standards. I would like to know if Richard Garwin have changed his mind regarding Cold Fusion since 2009 and I would like to challenge him to answer me through my blog or through an email.



I have +1000 unique visitors on my blog every day and many of them have a scientific or business related background. I find it likely that someone within Richards circles would access this information and forward it to him.




Dear Richard, I have a present for you.

Its a Hawaii shirt I got from a magician during one of my adventures.

Its to big for me and I rather want you to have it!

If I send it to you, can you promise me to wear it during an awkward occasion?

Friendly Greetings,  / Doggy Dog
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-We Got Your Tea Bro!


” You only give up if you find you are wrong” / Dr. Martin Fleischmann, 1994

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4 Responses to “CBS 60 Minutes on Cold Fusion”

  1. alain samoun says:

    Doubting is normal and right for a scientist like Richard Garwin, but he is wrong by not going to McKubre laboratory to see or make himself the experiment he is asking, for to erase or confirm his doubts. When he was young he probably had doubts that his H bomb would work but he did made the test – Unfortunately as he said – Now,maybe he can make the cold fusion or LENR test. Maybe to redeem himself?

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