Celani Cells Produce Gamma Rays

Oh Hi There,

I am in France with some friends, my second time this year.

Last time I went here was to work in a secret laboratory, now to party.

I am very busy at the moment but I wanted to mention a discovery made by Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project.

These guys consists of an International Science Team who work Non Profit and Open to validate different Cold Fusion Devices and their goal is to build and distribute cells all over the world for further validation.




I always believed in these guys, in the beginning more than in myself so I donated the money I had put away for my own experiment to them because I thought they would be able to put it to better use. Which They Have!!!

They have made a huge important discovery regarding Gamma Ray Emissions.

First, lets see what NASA says about Gamma Rays:



Gamma Rays are all around us and they are not good for us in larger quantities!

One of the most quoted reasons why Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons was supposedly wrong about their measurements is that if a Nuclear Energy Process was taking place in their experiments, they should have been killed by the Deadly Gamma Radiation thus there was no need to validate their experiments or perform further measurements.

This is often refereed to as one of the miracles of Cold Fusion.

Actually someone told me a few days ago in “Science on Google+”:
Why dont you measure the Gamma Rays and then go and collect your Nobel Prize?.


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Peter Hagelstein, one of the worlds leading experts on Gamma Rays who I meet at MIT explained that the radiation is not dangerous in Cold Fusion because it is born with a very low kinetic energy.

“The Helium is produced with very low kinetic energy and the wave lengths are very long and goes into Infrared. The radiation in these systems drops with a factor of 18 This is not D + D Fusion like in the text book, this is a new process: “just do the math, there is no anomaly here” / Peter Hagelstein, MIT.

Im not sure if his theory is correct but now there seems like there is an really easy way to confirm something exotic is taking place within these experiments.


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Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project have found conditions where they can create and measure small burst of Gamma Radiation. They made the discovery on one of their “Celani Cells”.

Normally they use thin Nickel Wires Francesco Celani sends them that he has produced in an unknown secret process to try to create excess heat. But this discovery was made on a fairly standard “over the counter” Nickel Wire.

(No Secret Catalyst, No Secret Recipe )

Another Scientist was able to replicate this effect under 24 hours after the preliminary announcement was made.
Thanks to Martin Flesichmann Memorial Project creating and proving a Cold Fusion Reaction might be about 100 X easier from now on.





How About That Nobel Prize?



Instructions To Build Tokamak Reactor


*Disclaimer:  Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project does not themselves see this as a final result. They will do further verification on different Cells with different measuring equipment in different laboratories and until then this is only announced as a preliminary result.

If you want to add value to Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project you can do so on their webpage. www.quantumheat.org
Since this is Live Open Science they share all their data over the Internet and anyone reading this can go to the webpage and find out how to replicate this experiment on their own.

3 Responses to “Celani Cells Produce Gamma Rays”

  1. Hi!

    What you’re working on reminds me of one of my undergraduate chemistry classes at SIU-Carbondale studying quantum chemistry studying all kinds of orbitals of electrons and what shapes these electrons make, such as a dumbbell, for instance.

    Karen Christine Irwin

    • Karen,

      Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons was also chemists.

      You know what, you guys seem fairly advanced, you should try to replicate these experiments.

      Its not that hard and fairly cheap.

      There is a high school in Italy who build their own Cold Fusion device from scratch (2 actually) and they are now getting 300% energy coming out of one of their models. Its called the Hydrobetatron. Surely you can do at least as good as they?

      Kind Regards / Bob


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