CERN on Cold Fusion

CERN the european organization for Nuclear Research yesterday addressed LENR.
(16 January 2014)

They have worked together with another organization called ENEA to study if they can find Neutrons being emitted by the devices. In conventional nuclear technologies Neutrons are emitted – thats one of the reason Nuclear Power can be so dangerous.

After the event they invited the scientists for Tea and Coffee.
I contacted the host of the event to ask if the water for the Tea and Coffee would be heated by Chemical or Nuclear reactions but never managed to get a reply.


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If you want to see a video recording of the whole session you can do so here: Video

If you want to download the FDF slides of the presentation you can do so here: PDF




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About CERN


CERN is best known for LHC (Large Hadron Collider), a particle accelerator. This machine accelerates particles to almost the speed of light and put them on head to head collision with each other. This machine was built to find the building blocks of the Universe – this new knowledge can help us to understand how the Universe came to be in the first place.

Last year CERN announced the discovery of the elusive Higgs Boson – a particle important for our understanding of Gravity. We have known for a long time how Gravity works but not so much why. The LHC used to be a old obsession of mine and I have followed their progress since day one. CERN have often been criticized for the high costs associated to it.

In order to make this machine(LHC) new technologies have had to be developed.  Maybe the most important of them is indirect technological advancements such as the  World Wide Web which initially was developed for Scientists to share data with each others.


The LHC has lead to the development of  “Internet 2″ – basically these collisions of particles creates huge amounts of data that needs to be stored and processed. The Internet 2 is a World Wide Grid which can borrow processing  power of computers all over the world to perform the immense calculations needed.

We live in a “cloud computing era” where data storage and data processing is being “centralized”. For big companies it does not make sense to purchase several thousands of personal computers every third year which will only be partially utilized. A more sustainable approach might be to purchase a “terminal” – which can be a very light computer without built in hard drive – the calculations and storage then take place in huge data centers(servers) and all of the applications are run over the Internet as “Cloud Applications”.  (Examples of cloud applications is Facebook and Twitter)

“The Grid”  allows companies (and people) to borrow or only pay for the exact resources they use when they need it without making unnecessary impact on our environment.



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  1. Ruby Carat says:

    Great job, Doc. Thanks for the links. Somebody at CERN is keeping the meme alive!


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