Dear Log – today’s post is just a thought experiment:
In Cold Fusion scientists are often trying to overcome the “Coulomb barrier”. We heat our powders to 250 degrees Celsius,  850, or 1000 degree Celsius. The temperature probably won’t make much difference to the repulsive force between atoms. We just need various temperatures to allow certain chemical processes to take place.
Just for fun, let’s for a minute forget all we know about Cold Fusion and think in the concept of Quantum Mechanics. The way I think of a quantum field is a point in space time constantly fluctuation between + and –  (plus and minus)
While it’s quite unlikely that a quantum field fluctuates to allow for one point in space time to achieve a temperature of millions of degrees, it seems more likely that a point in space time fluctuates (under the right circumstances) to be measured as a temperature of ….. lets postulate …. minus 273  degrees.
Sooo, what happens then to the Coulomb barrier?
cold bose einstein condensate
According to some scientists, these processes (theoretically) takes place due to the law of Thermodynamics in so called “Breather” Theories. However, it’s not often talked about because unless you work for NASA your not allowed to say “Cold Plasma” with a straight look on your face.

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  1. Oh my Dawg… God bless it… Nows yous’ gots me to thinkin”…

  2. David Pahle says:

    You all have our Plasma. We’ve been making it with our material and a propane weed burner.

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