My friend Jeremy Rys aka AlienScientist posted a video on YouTube about Cold Fusion the other day.
MIT Cold Fusion – The Revolution Have Begun

I like the video because its goes back to the basics and explains what actually happened with Cold Fusion and why we are still burning up fossil fuel instead of using cheap and clean energy.

Jeremy has been vLogging for many years and knows how to make a good video.



My Cold Fusion Adventure 


Do you remember that psychedelic adventure when I met a  Magician and went to a Mystical Island?
The whole thing started with me sitting in a bar hearing two guys speaking about a guy on Youtube who made incredible videos. That young guy was Alienscientist so I told them – Hey I know that guy!

First these guys did not believe me but after I showed them some picture of us partying together they decided they would pay all my expenses during that trip and drove me around to parties and introduced me to famous scientists, friends, family and philanthropists.

That was without a doubt one of the most amazing experiences in my life! (Thanks Darryl)

“One of the most important things in life is the connections with other people”


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Jeremy Rys works together with another blog called Cold Fusion Now.
All the people in the team of Cold Fusion Now have been my biggest moral supporters during my work – and they are some of the humans closest to my heart because their endless love and belief in me.

Dont get me wrong!
Its not that I needed friends and could not find them elsewhere – but I will admit that I was in need of something to believe in – that little candle in the darkness or that little hope that there would be – out there – a solution to all the problems mounting here on planet earth.

Im not a negative kind of character but It seems quite probable that:

As population and pollution is rising while resources are decreasing
- humans might start to hurt each other –  (if it was not for the ability to learn from mistakes and improve ourselves)

With cheap and clean energy for every person on this planet there will be much less incentives to fight each other for what would otherwise be scarce resources.  Instead of focusing on survival – we will have much more time to enjoy life and learn.

Also – I think that with the power of the Internet – information will also cause people to start communicate more, to better understand each other and to better work with each other.  In the end – we are not very different from each others.


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The history of Cold Fusion – if you saw Jeremys movie – is actually quite tragic and sad so I often try to avoid it. I want to focus on whats positive and on the future however I think there is a much needed lesson to learn from the past.

Personally I have seen my fair share of sad documentaries about Cold Fusion – but if people watch them – it might lead to not only a technological revolution – but also a social revolution – IF we can learn from the mistakes we made in the past.


Whether you like it or not there is an important lesson to learn in every ###### up situation.

The good thing is that you do not have to make your own mistakes to learn from them!

You can learn from others!


Thats NOT what I did!


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Some humans who have not been as understanding of me is Planetary Resources.

For new readers who might not know – I was The First Shi-Tzu ever to become a Asteroid Miner

I was chosen as 1 of 50 individuals out of 50 000 applying to become a Vanguard. A Vanguard is someone who supports Planetary Resources voluntarily and also someone who announces new technology to the people of  planet earth.
(Most of the people chosen had a big social network - LEARN)

It was cool – I was working in the same company as inspiring and intelligent people such as Richard Branson and Peter Diamandis.

My first mission as a Vanguard was to help crowd source the first space telescope “Available to The Public”. (The Arkyd)  We Vanguards did great and together we managed to collect money for the space telescope. (It will be launched with a Space Ship later this year)

My second mission for Planetary Resources was to build Cold Fusion Space Rockets.
As far as I know – and can confirm – the only one doing this at the moment is NASA.

Peter Diamandis on Cold Fusion



Maybe Peter Diamandis was just making fun of me but I took it as a serious opportunity. For half a year I was putting in hours of research and work every day into this – not to mention much of my money.  It was one of my biggest projects I’ve been working on as a Shi-Tzu and I actually did quite good for someone lacking opposite thumbs.

The Idea Was So Crazy I felt I Had To Try It!


I often say that everything is possible – and when I say so I really mean Everything
With this project I saw a chance to prove my thesis and bring hope to others people.

- I involved Space Engineers in the project, tried to invite people to various laboratories and demonstrations, sorted out special built rocket engine test facilities. I even got an invitation to join one of the teams for the Google Lunar X-Price who wanted to pitch my idea to investment groups all over the world.

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I do not know if it had to do with “corporatism” or just my “playfulness” but instead of patting me on the back I was told that I had been a bad doggy and I was encouraged to learn from my mistakes and move on with my career.

I reasoned that: If Peter Diamandis asks me to throw myself of a cliff – surely he will also catch me as I fall.
Probably I missed the big picture – Im not very smart all the time.

When Planetary Resources selected me they already had a lot of data regarding my impulsive behavior and characteristics. I do value their opinion a lot and I really wish that the feedback would have been even more precise and detailed because everything I learned during these months I look upon as a treasure.

I am still a bit sad but this is not necessarily a bad thing for me.

- I guess this saves me a lot of time, money and effort but I feel bad for the people I let down and that I started something I could not finish.  At least I learned many great things during the adventure that me and my friends can make use of in the future.

(And I am not only speaking about their database…) 


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I made a lot of friends and I had very fun working with them so I will only take away positive things about this little episode. I wish them all the best and maybe, some time in the future I will go visit them again.

As for me – I could really use some well earned vacation right now.
We all need a break some time, right!

I feel its time to slow down for a few weeks, review my work, make a rendezvous with nature, correct my compass a bit and then try do decide what direction I will take in the future.

Also – I have ordered a lot of video equipment and I am looking forward to sit down and learn how to use it.
I hope I can get some good material for mine and Jeremy`s heavy metal video – I will really enjoy working with this!

I will leave you with some great quotes:


” – You don’t do just one or two experiments and then give up on the most promising energy source ever to be allegeable discovered in the history of science and technology” / Jeremy Rys



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Peace Out / Db





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