Hi Friends,

Spending 5 days at ICCF I had the chance to speak to many humans.

I meet people from NASA, CERN, SRI, ENEA, various universities, the EU Commision, Philanthropists, Investors, Industrialists, Enthusiasts, Students…

I was very interested to ask others who follow Cold Fusion / LENR, what their impression was about the various companies, and people, that works within the field.

While I share this buzz I think its important to consider that these are only my impressions of a small click of peoples opinions.


Jet Energy Inc


Jet Energy operates from Boston, and the main person behind the company is Dr Mitchell Swartz.
Mitchell is well respected in the community, and no one had anything negative to say about him. He started himself as a skeptic, and have been funding most of his research himself, working as a doctor. 

Several people pointed out that Jet Energy have advanced technology, and coherent theoretical understanding. The Nanor Devices are effective, working with small amounts of input, and output energy. People seems to think that the devices possible could have commercial applications, already, such as desalination of seawater, IF many devices are used in serial. 

It seemed like Jet Energy could have the chance to work with people on the business side, towards commercial products, if they wanted. So far, they have been holding back. 

( Jet Energy prefers not to call their technology Cold Fusion, but CANR, or LENR) 



Defkalion Green Technologies


I was hoping to hear positive things about them.
Some people spoke about them with careful wording, but nothing really positive. 



cafe padova, restaurant padua,



Industrial Heat


Industrial Heat is the company that owns and develops Ecat technology for industrial applications. The Italian behind the Ecat, has drawn much attention towards the field. A third of the visitors of ICCF would probably not have attended, if it was not for this Italian person. 

All though there has been lots of demonstrations and tests, many old school researchers are skeptic to the Ecat. They are afraid that the Ecat can damage the reputation of old school research, if the Ecat turns out to be a hype. 

Those positive to Ecat thinks that Industrial Heat will make a profound impact on the world. 

When we spoke to students, one the streets, about half of them knew about the Ecat. Typically they would be skeptical, saying that they hope the Ecat works. 



Brillouin Energy Corp


Brillouin Energy Corp (BEC) is located in Silicon Valley. 
They are believed to well funded, and well advanced. 

I spent a lot of time with their President Bob, and his friend Carl Page.
They are both very friendly, approachable and positive.

In Cold Fusion, companies tends to always be 18 months from commercialisation, and thats where Brillouin is thought to be, right now. Humans seems to also think that Brillouin’s product lines are stable, but needs to increase their efficiency. 

The fact that Brillouin is working with SRI lends them a lot of credibility.  
A well balanced company which no one had anything negative to say about. 



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Dr Bobs Laboratory


Old school researchers did not know who we were, because we do not publish much scientific papers. Humans tends to think that dogs lack the evolved mindset and analytic capability necessary to interpret the world, and take meaningful decisions. 

When it was presented from the stage that we Russians are twenty years ahead of our english speaking colleagues, people were laughing. 

On the positive side, many people complimented our blog, and saw potential in whatever concept they think we are working towards. Also many people, both young and old, wanted to play and take pictures with Dr Bob.






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  1. Dr. Bob how do you get any work done travelling around so much and hanging out with all the beautiful people?


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