“When the new meets the old, it always ends the ancient ways” / Sabaton 

Last time we covered Andrea Rossi and his E-cat technology early 2016, Andrea had just sued Cherokee Investment Fund, Industrial Heat LLC, Tom Darden and JT Vaugn for several different reasons. Since then, defendants have
answered with an array of the best and most expensive lawyers money can buy.  This process has been very interesting to follow aa more information than usually have been shared publicly.

The defendants first made a motion to dismiss many of the claims, which was partially successful. Then after that, and quite a bit of stalling, the defendants counter-sued Andrea Rossi and his Leonardo Corporation, together with every person involved with Italian names. 



Because the case is complex, a judge more experienced dealing with these kinds of cases have been appointed. 

So, while Andrea Rossi is accusing the defendants of misappropriation of intellectual property, not upholding contractual agreements, etc –  the defendants are fighting back with claims of inappropriate conduct in terms of measurements etc. Basically, they don’t want to pay 89 the millions to Rossi based on the latest report written by the Engineer Responsible for Validation of the technology (ERV). The ERV which was paid partially by Andrea Rossi and partially by IH is now instead being sued himself  with accusations of …. fraud or incompetence? 

Following the legal process and the Social Media Comments, I have noticed there have been many accusations against the credibility of the test. Here are some of them: 

* The secret customer was not real and did not exist, instead an actor was hired to pretend being the customer, speaking in good wording about savings related to their energy costs. 
* A Nuclear Submarine Engineer ran a computer simulation and concluded that if the plant operated as claimed, it would have caught fire. 
* The heat produced by the plant could not be ventilated properly and would have melted everyone working in the building. Yes, it’s stated the facility would have become a “death trap“. 
* The wrong devices was installed to measure the flow of steam from the plant. 
* Industrial Heat can make patents and share the IP without making the last of three initial payments for the tests and technology. (89 millions) 

At this point, Andrea Rossi has evoked IH’s licenses to do business with the e-cat technology. Instead, he is looking to work with other partners for commercialisation, and to take over IH’s territories, which was for example the Middle East and North America (half the world, to an estimated value of trillions). Andrea has already visited Sweden several times, at one point to bid on a factory for QuarkX production. 


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Quark-X Technology: 

The Quark-X have not been mentioned much in my log. Basically, according to Andrea Rossi, it’s a new technology far superior to the Low Temperature E-cat and the Hot Temperature Dog Bone Technology. The COP (efficiency) is said to be 200 – meaning that the technology produces up to 200 times more energy out that what is being fed into it. Not only that, but the technology is much smaller than the E-cat technology, and is said to produce either Light, Heat or Electricity in various combinations.

These reactors are basically as thin as a needle and very short. It’s an extremely bold statement because nothing even close to it have ever been publicly demonstrated, or even believed to be possible exist. The E-cat technology is already  superior advanced to anything else that exist, that to ponder there is something way much better is very difficult to comprehend. 

As there is no end in sight for the lawsuits, the adventure will continue – Andrea Rossi is not backing down or heading off to Hawaii with the millions he already acquired. Some people who used to believe and trust in E-cat no longer does so because of the claims of the defendants, but Andrea Rossi still has a dedicated click of followers that believes his every word.


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Trillion dollar technology:  

So there is conspiracy!
- Almost everyone who follows this topic, regardless of what they’ve chosen to believe, claims there is a conspiracy! 

* Andrea Rossi has bamboozled Cherokee and Industrial out of tens of millions working with a team of accomplished engineers, chemists and physicists. 
* Industrial Heat / Cherokee Investment Fund is conspiring to either stall the technology or take over the whole global market, pushing Andrea Rossi out. 
* Both parties are defrauding investors of tens of millions based on technology they knew all didn’t work in the first place.


Meanwhile, independent replicators are doing their best to produce the E-cat effect in their own built devices, based on information publicly accessible, such as comments, patents and publications.  

While some working openly claims to have seen small indication of anomalies, nothing tangible has been put forward. Russian scientist Alexander Parkhomov and his team, together with Chinese Gov researchers, are among them who publicly have stated the best controlled strongest Cold Fusion reactions. The Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project have announced some smaller results while Looking For Heat have not yet seen (In Dog Bones typ of technology) positive  indications of Cold Fusion. 



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The Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project seems to have been crawling forward, but has received a bit more funding and wants to work with some researchers from Denmark. Looking For Heat is working with both American and European scientists who individually believes they are able to produce excess heat. Exempt those previous mentioned, there are lone wolf researchers who claim successful experiments in forums – but they have then chosen not to continue their research, or claim not wanting to share the secret sauce due to concern of safety ….. 
The (exciting) controversy is poised to continue and all though it’s far from what we all hoped 2016 would be all about, I think we all are having a great time with lots of interesting reading, twists and drama. Whatever the truth turns out to be, we’ll continue to follow the subject and I’ll keep you all updated.  


Love / DB 



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  1. Thank you for your reasoned assessment. I enjoy your positive outlook and it’s well balanced by the fact that we’ve seen so many instances of scams over the years in new energy technology and hence so many detracting arguments for the latter in situations similar to this.

    We often don’t consider what might happen if the technology is real!

    If in the future you could source the statements and rumors put forth in your articles such as this – it might make for even more interesting reading.

    • Hi Spense,

      This webpage is not entirely accurate all the time (sometimes with purpose) and I encourage my readers to do their own fact-checking.

      I do sometimes provide sources, sometimes not. In regards to the whole lawsuit I prefer not to link to pages with endless negative discussions. Want to keep things light !

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