Cold Fusion Is Real

Andrea Rossis product the E-Cat have been enduring longer tests from independent measures to validate the technology. It is a newer model, the Hot-Cat that have been under scrutiny in a collaboration of universities and leading experts in measuring energy Input Vs Energy Output.

The report is conclusive:

“Even by the most conservative assumptions as to the errors in the
measurements, the result is still one order of magnitude greater than conventional energy sources.”

Why is this so important:
Because the E-cat uses non polluting and very cheap fuel

What is the implications:
It is said that 1 liter of water contains enough energy to power 1 family for 200 years also, the reactors are so compact and cheap to produce that we in the future can cover our own energy needs on site.


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This will lead to:

  • A breakthrough for electric cars.
  • A new market that create jobs
  • Less war for oil and other resources
  • Cheaper manufacturing and transport for day to day goods
  • Technology for cleaning up the environment
  • Affordable clean water technology for every person on the earth
  • Local and more nutritious food production will bloom
  • Individuals become less vonunorable from an in stable Global Economic System
  • Better and smaller batteries
  • Space Travel becomes orders of magnitude cheaper and thus profitable
    (We lack resources on earth and can compensate with space mining for resources)

Congratulations: Your Life Quality Is About To Increase – A LOT

Epic Winning!


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If you have any problems seing the PDF-document there is a possibility to click on the link:

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Another cool news is that I have become a Vanguard for a space Company called Planetary Resources.  Dr Bob Crew now is connected with the 3 most prominent industries of the future, Space Technology, Cold Fusion Energy Systems and Planetary Resource Planning Systems.

I will be getting my first briefing tonight.

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8 Responses to “Cold Fusion Is Real”

  1. gbgoble says:

    A New Era

    With popular cold fusion – LENR/LENT science we are on the verge of an epic technological advancement. Always there are concurrent personal, social, economic, spiritual, and philosophical advancements, our evolution as a species.

    Our strong survival instinct is now evolving to include each of each other, and all life on the planet, as a whole.

    Sociobiology is the instinctual relationship of a species with both it’s environment and with members of it’s own species. It is theorized that humanity evolved (and is evolving) along lines of empathy and compassion as the strength of cultures that propagate successfully, our own survival of the fittest. Instinct in a species evolves as the species does.

    As humanity’s instincts evolve we gain further insight. We observe interactions amongst ourselves, our universe, and its many components. We gain deeper understanding of cause and effect, it’s benefits and detriments both within and around us. Our sociobiology then evolves.

    Back in the far distant past our instinctual fear of fire warned us away, we ran like all other creatures. Over time we cautiously captured embers when fearful raging fires had passed. We learned to utilize and then create fire. This was an epic technological advancement. Our instinct had changed and we entered the Fire Era, a major step in our evolution.

    With technological advancements we then harnessed fire for metallurgy, motion, work, and the generation of electricity. As coal, liquid, gaseous, and radioactive fuels delivered more electricity, work, and motion, modern civilization experienced a surge in personal, social, economic, spiritual, and philosophical advancements. Humanity has evolved quite a bit since the dawning of the Fire Era. Concepts of the right to well-being have grown. Humanity is slowly becoming more humane.

    We are now entering the Transmutation Era. We will have unlimited, nearly free, easily available, dense, and non-polluting energy from the transmutation of elements. With excitation, the harmonic convergence of atomic particles within the lattice ensures the cold fusion LENR/LENT nuclear active phenomenon. This is an epic technological advancement; which is sure to further our evolution as a species.

    A Theory of Evolution through Cold Fusion

    Our strong survival instinct is evolving to encompass each of each other, and all life on the planet, as a whole. In the past century our understanding of the biosphere and the importance of environmental stewardship has grown exponentially. Concepts of nonviolence and peace have progressed. Life’s collective right to well-being is better understood. Cold fusion/LENR/LENT technology will empower this change in our species; we will evolve to be harmonic with both our biosphere and our neighbors.

    As humanity moves into space we will consider the guaranteed right to sustenance and nutriment; with food, air, water, lodging, and health care ensured for any citizen who migrates to Mars or other space colonies. These concepts will then gain hold on Earth.

    Our concept of what constitutes “profit” will also evolve. Humanity will have a galactic mentality with goals beyond the monetary based “profit motive”. Economic models will evolve to reflect this. Sustainable economic generosity created through the continuous resource of energy at point of use for the health of community; economy experienced as the word’s Ancient Greek roots imply: οἰκονομία (oikonomia, “management of a household, administration”) from οἶκος (oikos, “house”) + νόμος (nomos, “custom” or “law”), hence “rules of the house(hold)”. Maximizing the profit of mutual well-being will be the new measure of success.

    The dawning of the Fire Era seems like eons ago. We’ve come a long way. Evolution seems inevitable. If the past has anything to show us, humanity is inevitably transmuting into an empathic civilization.

    • Heeey Gregory

      What an day, I am almost having a heart attack reading all emails and comments flowing in from different forums.

      You know what, I think your right and I think that Moores law that foresees exponential growth in technology doubling every second year just brook down and made a quantum leap.

      I could not say it better than you, we are entering a new era of evolution as a society :)

      Free Energy For All Mankind


  2. Thank you Dok Bob for spreading the word to all your pals. this is a HUGE affirmation of Mr. Rossi’s work.

    There is no theory of cold fusion yet, but rossi is busting ahead anyway, and I congratulate him. We cannot belittle his achievement in the face of so much vitriol.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE to Leonardo Technologies crew!

  3. gbgoble says:

    Nearly Free and Unlimited – Totally Nonpolluting

    Energy to Empower Environvental Restoration and Remediation
    On a Scale Never Seen Before….

    This Century will be known as the “Century of Environmetal Restoration”

    Visit and Participate In



    The SER2013 World Conference marks the 25th Anniversary of the Society for Ecological Restoration (SER) and represents an opportunity to celebrate not only the Society’s achievements over the last two and a half decades, but also the great strides and important advancements made in the field of ecological restoration during this period. Since SER’s inception, ecological restoration has gone from being a marginal and poorly understood discipline lacking theoretical and methodological coherence, to a widely recognized strategy for safeguarding biodiversity, re-instating ecosystem services, sustaining human livelihoods and reconnecting fragmented landscapes that is becoming an increasingly important component of environmental and natural resource policy frameworks around the world.

    SER2013 is the 5th SER World Conference on Ecological Restoration and the 21st Annual Meeting since the Society’s founding in 1988. The first SER conference was held in Oakland, California in 1989, and this began a series of annual meetings that continued until 2005. That year, the Society switched to a biennial conference cycle with a broader international focus, celebrating the 1st World Conference on Ecological Restoration in Zaragoza, Spain. The 2nd World Conference was held in 2007 in San Jose, California; the 3rd in Perth, Australia in 2009; and the 4th in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico in August 2011.

    Madison, Wisconsin provides an ideal setting in which to celebrate the Society’s 5th World Conference and 25th Anniversary, as it was here that SER was originally founded and here that the science and practice of ecological restoration first began with the pioneering philosophies and early experiments of Aldo Leopold, Theodore Sperry and others. This rich history, coupled with the pressing need for restoration to play an ever more important role in informing land management and policy decisions, forms the basis for the SER2013 conference theme:

    “Reflections on the Past, Directions for the Future”

    The SER2013 World Conference on Ecological Restoration: Reflections on the Past, Directions for the Future will bring together more than 1,200 delegates from around the world interested in the science and practice of ecological restoration as it relates to natural resource management, climate change responses, biodiversity conservation, local and indigenous communities, environmental policy and sustainable livelihoods.

    SER2013 is the 5th World Conference of the Society for Ecological Restoration.

    The Call for Abstracts for oral and poster presentations at the SER2013 World Conference is now open. We welcome abstracts related to any aspect of ecological restoration, especially those that directly relate to the conference theme. The deadline for submissions is May 15, 2013.

  4. A certainty dear Bob, high level excess heat, long time good coefficients of performance.Excellent perspectives for LENR+
    I bet that 12 years from now you will have car with LENR+ engine.

    • What an day!!!

      Thanks to this report “belief is not required any longer” and that is very important since many people are not able to think for them self’s.

      You are the expert since you have been working many years with the technology so if you say 12 years I believe you but what about battery driven cars charged from lenr+ Energy…. is that also 12 years into the future because Dennis Cravens is building one as we speak:

  5. Less war for oil …
    Technology for cleaning up the environment…
    Affordable clean water technology…
    Local and more nutritious food production will bloom…

    That sounds very nice to me! Applouse for Dr. Rossis E-Cat!
    And congratulations another time for your fantastic blog!

    Don`t forget! There is already a lot we can do now about our food-habits to help our envirenment and other persons on the earth! Visit:

    We are the change!!!
    Pirates Ho!

    • Dear Pirate Cook,

      Shiver my timbers, I was working on a tribute post for your webpage when the news broke. Its gonna have to be a little delayed my inbox is exploding!!! :)

      Trim the sails and sail the seas
      A pirate I was meant to be

      Pirates Ho!!!!

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