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It’s August 13, 2015

Making movies on my MacBook Pro from 2010 has become increasingly difficult as the machine simply can  not operate efficient any longer. Some of the apps I wanted to use recently are not available at all on Mac’s, so I decided to go with an Windows based Toshiba this time. My new computer is super fast, but installing Adobe applications was not. Because of some incompatibility problems with my Intel Processor, this process took 4 days to work around.

The applications, when using a PC are also are much more complicated, and I am only at the beginning of my learning process to master my new machine. This has set back my research, a lot, but I believe that in a few weeks, I will be able to make even better material, than I published before. And hopefully, much more efficient.





Quantum Gravity Research


Klee Irwin, Russ Gries and all the others at Quantum Gravity Research(QGR) has done some great advances since the International Conference for Cold Fusion, back in April. Last time I spoke with Klee, he informed me that they now have 12 employees focusing 100% on Cold Fusion, both theoretically, and practically.

Russ even got a new laboratory so that he can work more safely, doing Cold Fusion experiments. Jean-Paul Biberian, old friend of Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons recently went to California to visit them, which goes to show that QGR is able to get along just fine both with old school cold fusion scientists, not just the up and comers.



russ gries, rwgresearch, rwg research

Russ Gries from Quantum Gravity Research



Cold Fusion Summer Updates 


Over in Asia we can see the that the Chinese  scientists are continuing their 2015 crusade of epic Pawnage over Western governmental scientists, by sharing data and speaking freely about their successful Dog Bone Replications.

While the European and American researchers to a large extend has tried to closely copy details fro the Recipe in The Lugano Report, the Chinese guys “shoot from the hip”. I think this goes to prove that all though Cold Fusion happens to be extremely complex, if you at least try to make something useful, nowadays, you can.

The guys in India is also doing well.
I have some updates on their Governmental Cold Fusion development plan as well, however my plan is to publish that material with a video.



china lenr, cold fusion china, songsheng jiang,

Picture comes from the Chinese Institute of Atomic Energy in Beijing



MFMP developing new Dog Bone (GS4)


MFMP, the organisation that constitutes a large portion of the Open Science Community, has not been organising much public demonstrations lately.
Officially, there is still much science  going on, it’s just not live, and its just not very open.

- Hopefully all  this will  change with the completion of their Next Gen Dog Bone – GS4!!!



carbonyl nickel, parkhomov fuel, NiLiH4,

Songsheng Jiang and Alexander (?) Parkhomov Nickel



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  1. I hope that this research ultimately leads to something that can benefit all of humanity. Good luck.

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