“Mankind must put and end to war,
before war puts an end to mankind” / John. F Kenney

When Andrea Rossi got famous from his demonstrations in Bologna, and when Defkalion did their demonstrations in Milan, there was an outcry of bad publicity. The most common negative comments was focusing on how excess energy was measured.

Producing Steam, or boiling water was just not enough -
“Preposterous” They Said.
Defkalion Green Technologies still have not recovered from all the bad publicity. Andrea Rossi did, after selling his technology to a multi billion dollar group, but the same voices are echoing the same  accusations.


Now it is not steam, or boiling water, that is being criticised, but the approach to use heat measuring cameras pointed as devices, being criticised.  Right or Wrong (?), the discussions are being handled, from both sides, just as intelligent as the discussion about The Dress. (Is it white and gold, or black and blue?)

Talk is cheap, so we have decided therefore, not to spend time going into this trap, but to focus our time with others who wants to reproduce our technology.

Good information is of course the foundation of good decision making, so by providing and sharing information, we can all help each other to take better decisions.


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Dog Bone Technology – picture taken in Ukrainian Lab

Cold Fusion News


We have not heard much from Cold Fusion Sales in a long time.

Whatever they are working on, they are sure keeping a very low profile, however, the other day I noticed a post on Twitter indicating they have accepted to compete in The Pioneers StartUp Challenge.

Its a competition where startups compete against each other.

From all competing teams, the Top 50 candidates will receive training on presenting their ideas in front of jury, and gets invited to Vienna later this year, to pitch their idea in front of a jury of 250 reps, made up of International Media, Accelerators and Investors.

The top 10 candidates then moves on to the final round, to pitch a team of 2500 reps.  Considering that Dr Bob Crew will be backing up Cold Fusion Sales 100%, we assume that the rest of our community will do as well, and think they have a good chance to move far in this competition.

We have some toys never before demonstrated, and look for the right venue to do so – maybe this could be it?


Please consider going to Twitter and Reshare their announcement to show support:


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Russian Cold Fusion scientist

Ivan Filimonenko Stepanovich


I found the other day an excellent Soviet Documentary, The Black Cat, about my Russian Colleague,  Ivan Filimonenko Stephanovich, who ran experiments very similar to those of Martin Fleischmann, and Stanley Pons.

Ivan used a electrolytic cell with Heavy Water and Palladium, just as Martin and Stanley, and made the claims that these devices produced excess heat at fairly low temperatures, without pollution, or radiation.

The difference is that these claims was made by Ivan Filimonenko already 1957.

Ivan used to work on the Red Star project – confined in an huge underground research facility during the Soviet Era. A research facility so immense that it was basically an underground city. Only a selected few intelligent superior, trusted and highly educated, was allowed to go down there.

dumb and dumber 2014



Red Star project was not for anyone!


The leaders of the Soviet Union arranged national chess competitions in order to determine which people had the most intelligent genes, and then arranged for them to make babies with another, in order to genetically produce hyper intelligent beings.

Unfortunately the experiments failed because the pressure that was put on the young ones, from birth, lead to the development of psychological problems, often at an age of 7 – 11.

Officially the experiment was closed down, a long time ago…..


blind simultaneious chess

The documentary about Ivan Filimonenko speaks not only about his research into Nuclear Rocket Propulsion and Cold Fusion. When Ivan ran out of funding, and his project was closed down, he spent his time developing a new theory about how Potassium shortens our life expectancy, and ways to radically increase our life expectancy.

The Black Cat – Ivan Filimonenko Stepanovich


Problem + Challenge = Breakthrough



Herox is a spin off from Peter Diamandis  X-Prize Competitions.

These competitions has been very important, f.ex to lay the foundation for the Commercial Space Industry, leading to companies we see today, such as Virgin Galactic, and Planetary Power.

Xprize wanted to make a 20 million dollar Forbidden Energy Contest, however the concept was not really holding water because it turned out it would be to darn easy for certain labs to walk away with the price money before the contest even started.

Lets hope Herox makes a more entertaining, and slightly more challenging concept!






Together we can change the world!

/ Dr Bob Mihajlovski 




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