Quantum Gravity Research has posted one of the most fascinating videos I have seen in a long while, well worth watching -



Some update on Cold Fusion -

There is currently a lot of controversy flourishing in various forums, most notable among them Sifferkoll.se, Egooutpeters.blogspot.co.uk and LENR-Forum.com
It is quite entertaining and interesting to watch how groups of peoples and individuals have a go at each other.  The 1MW – 1 year test report has yet not been published but Mats Lewan has recently met with Andrea Rossi in Sweden as Andrea Rossi went there to among other things visit a factory he wishes to purchase.

One of the bigger discussions is one started by an internet troll claiming to be an Industrial Heat LLC shareholder. He postulates that IF the reactor was actually producing 1MW the building would turn into a DEATH ZONE efficiently boiling the people working there.  I find it difficult to take such discussions seriously, at one point I.H is being described as a serious company with world leading measurement engineers, meanwhile we are to believe that they signed under on a test that could have caused serious injury.  I asked someone about his who supports the DEATH ZONE hypothesiss and he explained to me that it was “Rossi’s test”, without acknowledging that Industrial Heat was in any way shape or form involved.

Other notable reports of interest are currently coming from mostly eastern European teams, Russian and Ukraine continues to be central on the LENR development map. I have also noticed a lot and broad activity from Germany. It seems that LENR interest over there is rising.

Also, the UK based company known as LookingForHeat.com has come forward putting out good general information. One of their projects has received quite a bit of attention all though it is only work in progress. The new reactor is transparent and contains a high-voltage generator producing sparks between two electrodes. After adding heater coils onto the reactor, warming it up, the hydrogen gas inside becomes conductive and allows for the formation of a plasma. One of the ideas with the design is that this plasma can generate a lot of “atomic hydrogen” which might be beneficial for triggering Cold Fusion later on as the reactor is loaded with fuel powder.



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