“If one can replicate the dog bone
- then 100 000 could replicate the dog bone.” / DB


Reading the news is amazing now a days.
Today I read Wired Magazine, and some Russia News

I pretty much enjoy reading what others write, more than my own scribblings.




My predictions for this year was:
- Replication of the dog bone first half of 2015
- Validations of the dog bone, most or all continents, and mayor countries, second half of 2015

The science and nuclear industry in Russia has a great Cold Fusion Buzz going on right now
This will spread like rings on the water into other parts of society.


And the very same things will happen in other countries – so there is good reason to celebrate!


wired cold fusion, wired andrea rossi, cold fusion race just heated up


We are busy with our research so we need someone else to make the party

YOU Make The Party This Time!






2 Responses to “DB Predicts Cold Fusion 2015”

  1. Where do you want to have it? Ruby will be there. Maybe she could throw it.

    • The location is not very important.

      We have made lots of parties, around the world – but with small budget.

      At some point, someone needs to make a really, really, huge, reamerable, party that goes down in history.

      The handful people that could arrange something like that is very hard to get to.

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