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Hello there Dog Lovers and Asian People,

I understand that there is many people out there on the Internet being very stressed since the publishing of the report that validates Andrea Rossis Cold Fusion Machines.

Free Energy, yes that is kind of scary!

Some blogs are positive or sitting on the fence:
Ex ForbesExtremeTech and Wired

Some bloggers who have no relevant background are negative and do everything they can to make the report go away, such as: Starts With A Bang and Lubos Motl Blogspot.

I think its positive that people with irrelevant backgrounds are putting the reports to the test!


I just want to know the truth,
whatever the truth turns out to be!


Personally, my conclusion after spending many hours being insulted on various forums and blogs is that the validation report is still very credible and holding water.

I decided to put it to the ultimate test so I contacted the worlds best Fortune Teller and Magician, Sheila Lyon and Darryl Beckmann from in Seattle.

Sheilas job was to validate or debunk the report with her fortune telling and Darryl’s job was to use his magic abilities to make the report disappear.



the magic shop seattle, darryl beckmann,,

” 27 Pages!!! This is gonna take some time” said Darryl.

Sheila agreed with him, it takes several hours to validate a report that  long!

They invited me to their cottage on Bainbridge Island



sheila lyon, fortune teller seattle,


To get to the Island we had to pass a bridge
guarded by Evil Software Consultants



the magic door, narnia


We also had to pass through props that have been rented
out and featured in many Hollywood movies



house by the lake, magical forest, beautiful nature,


The Magic Shop collects Ancient Novelties
and Props from all over the world



the magic shop seattle, magic novelties,


“Look at me, I have never studied the area you have been working on for 23 years so I know nothing about it but I can still critic your work within 5 minutes of every paper being released by reputable science teams with a combined experience of 100 years more than me because I`m soo smart”.


props magic noveltries, magic poster, fortune telling posters, ancient magic props,


Sheila and Darryl did their best  

They even used a Banishing Charm  



alexander the man who knows, fortune telling, tarot Seattle, haunted house, third party validation report,

We also asked some of Darryls
and Sheilas colleagues for help!


harry potter,


***Bedazzling Hex*** Fail


After several hours of Hokus Pokus, Woodoo and Magic Potions we decided that we where wasting time and went to a party instead.

Darryl did not want to miss the opportunity for free Vine and Vodka Cranberries!



bed, dog sleeping, sleeping dog, red blanket,


 This is me chilling with Mah Geese aka D.B Cooper and Socrates in the morning 





10 Responses to “DB & The Haunted Science Report”

  1. RGCheek says:

    lol, great write up!

    You get a A+ for effort at dispelling the hot-cat test report!

  2. Brad Arnold says:

    Yeah, this clean, very very cheap (according to it could make energy “too cheap to meter”), and super abundant energy technology could save millions (perhaps billions if you could global warming) and help us reach into out space, but you reduce the issue to a trivial bit – good job joker.

    Think of the starving children, those without clean water, those who live in gut wrenching poverty. Then get down on your hands and knees and say a prayer that Rossi is legit.

    • Maaan…

      Im a bit concerned that people will step over me if I fall on my knees and put my eyes down.

      I have tried praying many times and the only times I got the outcome I prayed for was when combined taking actions as well.
      Sometimes I get what I should have been praying for when taking actions without praying.

      I rather spend my time watching MissHannahMinx blow smoke because if there is something life have taught me it is stop praying and start acting.

      Kind Regard / DB

    • the price of LENR is very different from now.
      The fuel is too cheap to metter (divided by many thousands)

      the real cost is the price of the reactor, thus the installed power, and it can translate into a division by about 10 of final energy cost.
      however focus will be on reducing peak power, and neither in saving energy like with fossils, nor in managing intermittency like with renewable.

      smartgrid may help, but a very different smart grid from what is planned now. It should focus on cooperative generators, CHP, and consumers , not on just managing unpredictable intermitent energy.

      I even suspect that storage won’t be cost-efficient since I suspect that any accumulator could be replace by a generator of the same power at lower price.
      even long electric transit lines, and long urban heating pipes should be replaced by local generators.

      all engineers habits should be changed, and even wors for politicians, economist.

      no free energy, but different cost structure, and in a way 10x cheaper, and even more if you account for externalities (pollution, environmental cost of lines, reliability impact of local production, good competition on the market).

      a game changer, not a game eraser.

      • about my old computation, you can read that thread

        note that for data I observe, it is probable that Nickel is not consumed, only 1Hydrogen. Future will say.

      • Interesting about the energy storage not needed :)
        I think this “could” create an explosion of jobs throwing us out of the “crisis” and into an age of prosperity.

        However, thinks can go other ways as well but this technology can create a lot of jobs such as local food production. People can start their own grow gardens with custom lights and automatic growing systems… I personally would rather pay the same money for local produced food than receive nervegas treated tomatoes from the other side of the world.

        Can I ask you Alain, how will this affect production of plastic…. with cheap energy, is there alternatives to oil based plastic products?

        • in the old time plastics were done from wood and coal. Today some are done from corn too.
          Some oil is made from Coal in china, and from trashes in US (Using patent from petroldragon).

          the price of oil in plastic is low, we can synthesize it from vegetals, coal, gas, or any oil.

          we can also continue pumping oil, since the consumption is ridiculous for petrochemical.

          • I thought most plastic came from oil.
            What is, do you think, our most sustainable alternative in the future for these kind of “plastic like materials”. (Something that is both green and affordable / CHEAP)

  3. Sheila lyon says:

    We need bob to come back things are weird since he left.


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