Hello Everybody,

Next week is the International Conference on Cold Fusion 2013
(ICCF 18)

We wanted to participate but do not have the time to go to Missouri.

Fortunately www.ColdFusionNow.Org will cover the event on site.

There will be “plenty of happenings to sing and dance about” /
Peter Gluck – Ego Out

The Dr Bob Crew is currently busy with several secret projects and thats the reason we neither had time or possibility to update you much on our own Log lately.

Breaking News:

Defkalion Green Technologies have arranged for two public demonstrations during next week.
This company originates from Greece but struggled with fundings and left for Canada last year because of the delicate economic situation in their home country.

Company will perform 2 demos from 2 different locations (Vancouver and Milano) during next week.
First demonstration 22 July 2013
For European Audience the demos will be 23rd July. (possible earlier)



Before these demonstrations announcements will be made on EGO OUT and Defkalions webpages.

It is the companies R5 reactor that will be tested and science journals and skeptics have been invited to participate.  Lets hope for the best… God Bless!

For More Information About Defkalion I recommend this article by Mr Allan Sterling from PesWiki:




Defkalion Green Technologies



shitzu copy

(Update: 22.07.2013:) Her is the link to the live streaming of the 1 demonstration:

I unfortunately predict the live stream will be slow and go down several time.
I am also skeptical about how well Defkalion will present their technology so Its a good thing that Mats Levan from Nyteknik.se will attend.

Lets keep our minds open and hope their not wasting our time!

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