Im a dog and I like socks

Im a dog and I like socks!



Many people does not know this but except for sleeping on top of peoples shoes I also enjoy playing with socks. I went to the post office today to pick up a big package from Amsterdam. Darn!!! The package was full of clothes but there was no socks! Also the sweaters was way too big for me.



This is Bailey the labrador. His owner Nicky took him to the hospital because he thought Bailey had a developed a tumor. Fortunately it turned out Bailey had just been eating a lot of socks. – Foolish Humans!


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This is Cargo, one of the best dog scientists I ever worked with. Cargo has written many papers about socks but the scientific communities refuses to publish any of his materials in their magazines.

Here is some of Cargo`s unpublished papers over the years:

* Managers wears yellow socks because they are insecure of themselves and have no soul
* Why men always try to buy as many socks as possible of the same color
* Men won`t notice they are wearing odd socks until a woman points it out to them
* Where does the sock go after you put them in the washing machine and they mystically disappear
* Asian people are not capable of producing high quality socks

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This is another of my friends, Yoda. Yoda is well known in the hacker communities.  He revealed that Iran uses satellites that interferes with journalist brain patterns making them take draw irrelevant conclusions. Yoda is currently wanted from Interpol for trying to cash a check of 300 billion dollars.

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The Truth about Cold Fusion
and The Dream of Unlimited Energy




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  1. My dog is also crazy about socks. I think they would play nice together.

  2. Thank you Dr. Bob. I am glad you are alerting the four-legged kind to cold fusion.

    Love Love Love,

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