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Whenever I post an article or video, people tend to write to me on Google+ stating that I’m making things up and that I need to refer to the original source of the information I’m outing. The problem I have is that whenever I refer to my sources, conformists claims that whatever source I can come up with is inconsistent in relation with their conformist worldview. And guess what- regardless if I start from that viewpoint, or when other does it, the result will always be the same. 

And let’s be honest, - most time you post a scientific paper, people are not gonna read it, they’ll just google it, and then read others peoples conclusions about it. 

New information has very little effect on us, as long as we are not reading it with an open mind. So – unless we’re open to learning new things, reading facts is just a waste of our time.

However, if and when the world around us is changing in sync with new information, it’s easier to adapt and lend credibility to new ideas. Being non-confirmative is actually really really scary because we have to admit to ourselves that we don’t know everything, and actually, as a non-conformist, statistically, we will more often be wrong about stuff, at least that is the confirmative general consensus.

If there  ever was doubt about the efficiency of Energy 3.0 – I’d like to refer to this Diagram I made earlier during the morning.



energy chart



Staying open minded means that we can be wrong, but it also means that we can change in positive ways.

If I have to choose between being wrong more often, or becoming more confirmative, I prefer the first alternative,  because I believe and hope that sometimes positive energy can lead to wonderful adventures beyond our wildest imagination. I might be stupid for saying to, but in my own mind, thinking positive is not stupid at all! Atleast, it seem to work for some of my  friends, so I hope it’ll work for me as well!





Actually – I might not even start the Energy 3.0 society at all…..

All I wanted was for really smart people to lean forward towards the screen, to study my diagram.

Knowing that it’s a complete waste of time, for some reason, makes me feel good about myself.

How weird is that?

Updated 21.01.2016
Several people have contacted me by email to encourage my initiative of the 3.0 Society. 
I guess people does not understand my humour at all! But then again – that freaking diagram I made is quite convincing! 


2 Responses to “Dr Bob to launch Energy 3.0”

  1. The beginning of your article is clear and match even some discussion with colleague : the fact that most people don’t validate data but trust certified opinions.
    This is an efficient method that seldom fails, but can fail miserably like on LENR.

    For the rest, as often it is not clear for me (plus i don’t watch video… I’m born when Super8 was fashion)

    what was your intent? 8>

    • Hi Alain,

      I’m just waiting for test results, and honestly I was just wasting some time. Maybe there are some “undetectable stilettos” hidden in the text, but if you did not pick up on them, they where not meant for you.

      However, I read a “calculated” comment the other day, about a guy who always argumented for his cause, posting many links to sources of information.

      In my book – this is a good thing, but this other person, instead “claimed” to perceive these links to sources as spam, totally marginalizing the substance of the intent down to nothing.

      This comment, had one intention, and one intention only, and that was to psychologically traumatize. The lowest form of behavior possible in a serious friendly discussion.

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