Hi friends,

Over the last couple of days my lab crew burned a whole in our (new) lab bench, blew out two power supplies, cracked a reactor core, as well brook the glass of a brand new (800 euro) camera. – But that’s okay!

You’re not a true experimental researcher unless you accidentally blow some stuff up now and then. Actually, Dr Bobs Lab track progress counting how much equipment we destroy, and by my estimate we should be real close to a breakthrough just about now.




/ DB



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  1. As an occasional visitor to your blog, I am dismayed that you evidence so little regard for spelling. Does nobody else point it out? Do you not re-read your own posts? Look at the first paragraph of your latest post, please.

    • You’r right.

      Most people assume that I’m American- which I’m not. I speak six languages, however, grammar has never been my stronger side.

      Updating this webpage has been a very low priority for me over the last couple of months and this little post was scribbled together while in transit. So the answer is no, I do not re-read my own posts at the moment.

      It would help tremendously to have someone helping out with proof-reading. Or even better, helping out with material to keep this webpage page going.

      Was there an offer embedded in your constructive criticism?

      Love / DB

  2. Hmmmmm. Interesting progress tracking theory.

    In a past career, I was employed (partially) for the purpose of blowing stuff up. Perhaps I have gotten the destruction out of my system. In my years of CF experiments I have destroyed only a thermocouple to date. (but my induction furnace “went nuclear” and almost burnt the building down)

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