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After the log was posted yesterday, a statement was released from Industrial Heat defending their position in the situation, and honestly, many felt a bit disappointed because the language was manipulating and political in the sense as to them avoiding the important information using non-saying legal jargon. This reminded me of some of the lowest points in my life where I had been in very bad situations and lawyers were sent in to finish me off using fancy words.

I’m sure many Cold Fusion scientists knows what I speak of. Some researcher have huge pipelines with patent applications, being delayed years upon years, as lawyers in the system makes a hefty profit.

During the night, I was awoken by a phone call from one of the E-cat Licensee’s. (Not Industrial Heat) My first thought was that we would receive a lot of complaints because we had published a log post yesterday and that we would be asked to take the article down because of misrepresentation of information.

This was not the case – instead, the person we spoke to explained that it was the best representation and conclusion they had read so far on the issue. Because of this encouragement we decided (with discomfort) to make yet another publication.

We have published this video on Youtube which is more a bit of reflections on the system and the overall situation where Andrea Rossi have to spend some of the time that was supposed to be used on building factories, to build court cases, and how this can affect society negatively.





Yet again – we do not see the full picture and we don’t have all the information so some of what we say can be a misrepresentation of the real truth as well learn more. As more information is provided, we will obviously acknowledge that. We are staying objective until we know the situation better and we don’t claim to sit on all the answers, being grammatically or politically correct, or pretend that our view is necessarily the right one. There are many web pages more serious that ours covering the topic and we recommend those interested to read as many as possible to find their own truth that probably will turn out to be somewhere in the middle.

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