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Today I received an email from the Blood Rockets apologizing for the little accident that occured with my face and camera during their inauguration party last week! The reason I went there in the first place was to have them review the book “The Explanation of Low Energy Nuclear Reaction” written by Nuclear Chemist Edmund Storms.



Ruby Carat from ColdFusionNow was kind enough to send me the book as a birthday present to review. I tried my best to get some local MC Clubs to review the book but decided after a few fruitful attempts to just read and review it myself.

I tend to be easily distracted and find it hard to sit down and concentrate on stuff such as reading but one of our crew members came up with a insanely great idea. Why not go to Ibiza and review the book over there???

- Also, I don`t have much money and it was cheaper to fly to Ibiza than changing the locks to my house!


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Edmund Storms – Cold Fusion – Book Review


Edmund Storms is a Nuclear Chemist from Los Alamos National Laboratories known within both Hot Fusion and Cold Fusion circles. I meet with him for the first time earlier this year in Boston but did not get much chance to speak with him because he is a very busy and popular dude.

The book is blue, 255 pages long and not available as an ebook.

I used to read these “help yourself books” by Brian Tracy and typically you can just skip 200 pages because the bottom line of his every book tends to be: “Be disciplined and work hard“. This way of reading does not really apply to this book because the nuggets of valuable information is spread out on different pages in different chapters.


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The book addresses different popular theories on Cold Fusion by pointing out what`s good and bad about them such as theories of BlackLight Power, Defkalion, Andrea Rossi, Francesco Piantelli, Widom Larsen(NASA) and Brillouin.

It also introduces a new theory based on a concept Edmund Storms calls “Hydrotons“.
My IQ is 139 which is quite a lot for a Shi-Tzu but still,  from time to time, I found it hard to understand some of the concepts in the book – this book is not for everyone.

On the other hand – for people who is interested in Cold Fusion -  this book can be a very valuable asset which challenges its readers intellect in a moderate way. All though some sections was rather boring- I found it difficult to put down the book because of the occasional EUREKA moments.


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For more information about the book:


Official Webpage: LENR Explained
Order: Infinite Energy Store







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4 Responses to “Edmund Storms – STOP THE PRESS!!!”

  1. Ruby Carat says:

    Wow, DB. You really know how to spread the science around!

    I do not know the mistake you have found. Is it the possibility of the 6-Li reaction?

    I’m afraid that Li Lithium is NOT in the material used in some cells that produce He4 Helium4.

    If it is in ALL the cells, that reaction might have a chance, but since it is NOT in some cells. there is something else going on.

    Also, Storms believes the same TYPE of reaction is ocurring in both PD-D and NI-H cells. If he is correct, then there is certainly no Li Lithium in the Nickel cells.

    Thanks for the great graphics though!!!

  2. Ruby Carat says:

    Oh its a typo 22.4/2 = 11.2 NOT 11.4.

    I will pass it on!

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