Fingernails 4 Cash

What an interesting week for Cold Fusion. Not only are we all suffering the long terms after – effect caused by the exposion of Amsterdam Radiation, We also had our laboratory broken into by a couple who will be receiving retaliation of Biblical Proportions. Further, it was announced that OutMeal Laboratories managed, for the first time fuse cat and dog technology.

According to the latest Radio Show on RnaRadio, fingernails plays an important role in the development of Cold Fusion Batteries.

Bob “Never-itt”: “We have to change our perception, FingerNails is not just a Scientific Curiosity“.

We have no idea what that refers to!


The show goes on explaining that there is a paradigm shift occurring. On one side we have the old “HardWare” people, the people controlling all the worlds Resources and Media. On the opposite side is the “Virtual Resistance”. The Virtual Resistance is made up of Out Of The Box Thinkers appreciating the fact that 3 lines of code have the potential to change our world. The Virtual Resistance can be strong even in small numbers while “The Hardware People” are loosing power due to Internal Struggle for power and inability to see the wider picture.




When Presented with a Choice I would Always Choose…


This Woman beliefs that its ok to break into peoples Laboratories and assault innocent Animals.  She and her husband though it would be a good idea to break in and threaten us. surrendering with white flag

Dr Bob Crew have a message for you:
(When you return from Jail)

Dear Lunies, we here at Dr Bobs Laboratory believe that unprovoked violence is unnecessary, immature and primitive. However, we do share some of your religious beliefs and our  “Young LENR Scientists”  will be coming down on your operation with biblical proportions.

-Its Not Your World!
It will take you down in a minute!

We know where you live. As a fact, we are sitting outside your door eating donuts and drinking beer waiting for you, while posting this!

Just Ask Your Neighbors in 182 and 178!

We strongly urge you to take back the threats you made against us and pay for the damage you have caused to our property.

Treat other like you yourself wants them to….

We believe in being forgiving and giving people who mess up a second chance because we also mess up sometimes.


The money to fix this door could have been spent on food for starving children, medecine or scientific research!


snake, thief, sabotage, terrorism, glass, broken door,

<UPDATED>While writing this blogpost we had the pleasure to run in to the couple braking in to our Laboratory. They have promised to pay for all the damages and informed us that their careers will be ruined if We put their adress and pictures on the Internet.  We agreed to take the picture from the Internet WHEN they have payed for ALL the damaged they caused.

The Perpetrators will now work closely with our legal department and promised us their complete cooperation.
Never, Ever, Assault Innocent Animals again!!!

Resistance is Futile.

Thank you for your cooperation!



In Other News:

OatMeal Laboratories  have for the first time managed fusion of Cat and Dog technology.

The technology has been described as more entertaining that Tom & Jerry.


bob, cat, dogs, cats, nicolai tesla,, cartoon, andrea rossi, energy, bobracha,

Also: The webpage recently featured Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield April 1 eating Space Cookies, communicatin with ET:s and brushing his teethes on board the International Space Station.

(If you are International chances are you own a Space Station.)


cockies, space, cris hadfield, international space station,


I love Cookies!!!


space cockie, chris hadfield, international space station

Peace And Love / Dr Bob Crew


Update Nr 2: April 11, 2013

I just decided to remove the picture of the woman from the other day when our laboratory got broken into.
It was replaced with the image you see now of a raised white flag.

The damages to our house have been repaired and paid for.
Compensation for damaged Cars and Motorcycles will also be given.
I see no further reason to spend more energy or time on this cause.

Also, If Im gonna fight someone, I want a real challenge!

You have been forgiven! / DB

5 Responses to “Fingernails 4 Cash”

  1. keeping saving the planet bob!!!

  2. Yes, it’s as said on “Believe It Or Not”…

    “We Are All Evolving.”

    Anyways, like I was Hoping, could you post this old article of mine with some yapping fine commentary…

    Thank yous’ so much… all’s in need of forgiveness – demontratably… give it, receive it, make it real, and so. You did so. All of you!

    Our Strong Survival Instinct is Now Evolving to Include Each of Each Other and All Life on The Planet as a Whole… etc. etc. etc.

    “Evolution Through Cold Fusion”

    • We are currently doing some team building in the Caribbean.

      I will have time to look at your material within short. Always thankful when good people sending me great material.

      I wish you all the best and nothing less.

      Best Regards / Dr Bob


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