Hi Everybody,

I made it out of Belorusia and I am in Seattle for my first day working for Planetary Resources, the Asteroid Mining Company.

We want to make space available to the public and we want to increase the resources on Earth through mining close to Earth Orbiting Asteroids for resources such as Platinum and Water.


Our first mission is launching the Arkyd Space telescope. The Arkyd telescope is the first space telescope publicly available. If you consider yourself a part of the “public”… then this is all for you!

The Arkyd Space Telescope will take pictures of both Earth and Space.
And the best thing about it…

You can control this Space Telescope from a Mobile Device:

  • Discover new Asteroids
  • Take cool pictures of Storm and Hurricanes
  • Study distant galaxies
  • “What Ever Your Mind Can Conceive”

arkyd space telescope, planetary resources space telescope,

We have created a kick starter campaign to collect money for our telescopes.
Every telescope will cost about 1 Millon Dollar to launch and the more money we can collect, the more telescopes we can launch and the more things we can photograph and discover. Please click this link to check out our Kickstarter: http://lky.me/1H62

Erik lewicki, planetary resources, space mining, eric planetary resources, arkyd space telescope

Whats the coolest feature of the Arkyd?

If YOU contribute with as little as 25 Dollars to the Arkyd Space Telescope Kick Starter campaign you can actually Upload your own picture to a LSD screen on the Space Telescope and use pictures from the Telescope as a Backdrop!

How Cool Is that!!!!


space miner, space mining, planetary resources space mining,

Dont forget to check out our kick starter to see all our nice features: http://lky.me/1H62


The More People Clicking on the link http://lky.me/1H62 the bigger the chance that I win a Zero Gravity Space Flight!

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3 Responses to “First Day As A Space Miner”

  1. Chris J says:

    So it’s settled then. I currently attend George Washington University with a background in Avionics from the Air Force, studying IT.

    I’m now getting on the phone and making plans to move to the Bay Area and find a program to study Geophysics and Engineering for all the right reasons. If anybody wants to give me some advise please email me.

    • Nice Making Contact with you Dear Chris!
      I cant really advice you on GeoPhysics but if you need some software to handle an Aerospace Company … Im your Dog! Let me know!

  2. Good luck Dr. Bob! Be sure to get some video on that zero-g ride!


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  3. Gregory Smith - I love your blog

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