The most efficient energy technology in the world, at this point of time,  is the Dog Bone.
At least if one would believe the people testing the technology.

An independent team made some tests in Switzerland and their report claims that the device operated steady over time with superior efficiencies- this report has been downloaded from a Swedish Webpage over 150 000 times.


“If true – this would change the world!” 
In fact, that is exactly what we are seeing right now.


Cold Fusion Revolution


The skeptic and the believer, both need the very same thing at the moment, more data.

Dealing with world changing innovations such as the Dog Bone its important to collect data from several sources, to compare with another. In the case of the Dog Bone, I argue that we need thousands of hours of testing and massive amount of data.

There is of course another group of people, those that claim that old knowledge should never be challenged.
Such beliefs are not healthy and should be ignored because it has a tendency to hold back progress. We all know that when people claim “there is nothing here to see, go away”- for various reasons, we are typically not being told the whole truth.

Seeing that Dog Bone Technology already started to influence media, employment and the energy market, I think personally that the more teams working on replicating, validating, debunking and collecting information- the better.



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Following The Data


When it comes to science, nothing should be written in stone, and the truth should always be open for debate. 

Cold Fusion is typically something that is being handled behind locked doors, so for every single team coming forward, there could potentially be several teams as well working in secrecy.  (That we would never heard about. )

There are now an ever growing amount of scientists and groups coming forward, that works on replicating the Dog Bone. Some of them claim to already seen some positive results, especially teams out of Russia.


One of the better sources of information for open science on Dog Bones:


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