Friends of Eugene Wants To Talk

Eugene Mallove was a prominent scientist with background from both MIT and Harvard.

He was a friend of  Martin Fleischmann, Stanley Pons and  even Arthur C Clarke.

Highly respected within the Green Energy Community and one of the first persons to embrace Cold Fusion as a potential future energy source.


In the Cold Fusion community, whenever the name is mentioned, it is mentioned with respect.


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The world was not prepared for Cold Fusion and did not understand it, while some people, for good reason, went underground- Eugene Mallove stood his ground and took the punches in order to defend Cold Fusion and therefor Every Single Person In This World.

I recently ran into to an investor very interested in Cold Fusion, he knew almost everything about Cold Fusion that you would find published on the internet and he said to me, if you are a business developer you should be able to provide me with some kind of information I would not find anywhere else:


This is what I told him:

Eugene Mallove was crazy about donuts, he used to carry around donuts everywhere he went, giving them away to friends and loved ones saying:

“Believe it or not – but one day, maybe, something like this will change the world”. 

That was 20 years ago…


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“The most important and valuable technology that exists on this planet today is NOT Andrea Rossis Energy Catalyzers! “/ Bob

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