During this summer I had the opportunity to visit a laboratory in Paris and test out a new innovation called  ‘Fusion Diodes’.  This is without a doubt – if further tested and validated – one of the most promising demonstrator toys developed in years for alternative new energy technologies.

Can we have this tested further? 



Fusion Diodes




Tech Spec - 


Name: Fusion Diode
Type of technology: Palladium
Size: The size of an electronic cigarette

Reaction: Unknown – possibly LENR or Fusion
Output: Small voltage electrical current
COP: Not applicable since there is no input energy

Repeatability: Close to 100% unless the Diodes shortcuts – According to the inventor
Longevity of effect: From a few hours to a day or two – Can be recharged
Charge: Deuterium Gas

A Fusion Diode is the most simplistic demonstratory toy. The tip of the top contains a valve for charging Deuterium Gas, as the pressure meets 1 Bar the device produces a spontaneous electric current.  The Diode is typically charged with 2 Bars of pressure and continuously produce the current until gas has leaked through the Alumina Casing.  The sharp pointy electrode sticking out from the bottom is where the charge can be measured by a simple Volt-Meter.


When a Fusion Diode has lost its charge it can be re-charged to continue producing electricity. 

“If verified this device could open up to floodgates for serious investments in the field” / Carl Page



Deuterium filing 15052010



This French laboratory is not the only team to make claims of advancing within LENR Direct Electricity production – another prominent team from the Nordics focusing mainly on Palladium Based technology achieved a breakthrough earlier in August with a consistently high flux of highly energetic particles being produced from their reactor – as in… high amounts of energy! They are currently trying to validate their own results of direct electricity conversions.


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