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Im in Kambodja with Na`eun from Nanana Travels to work on an article but she is just watching cartoons all day sooo im starting to regret I went here in the first place.

Let me just summon up the last weeks before I go back to Pingu and the stupid penguins!


Good news is that NASA in continuing to fund Cold Fusion research however we are still talking pocket money. The money is going into research for a Cold Fusion Aircraft however apparently “the technology could also revolutionize the worlds energy market”. (Who would have guessed)

150 000 dollars… wow … thats a ridiculous little amount of money compared to the billions of our tax money our governments have decided to spend on fission and fossil fuel this year. At least a small step in the right direction…


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A bad thing that happened is that I had Epic ambitions to make a kick as video to enter a competition. I had been saving some old material for a special occasion  and when the perfect opportunity opened up I could not take it. We felt very bad about that.

We have now started a sponsor section and hope to find people who can support our work of spreading awareness.

www.drboblog.com have only been online for 6 months and our project have so much potential but right now budget is holding us back.

Also, we still hope to receive or borrow a high voltage / high amp variable DC Power Supply

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During a episode of Infowars someone from Mensa called into the show to inform that Cold Fusion now have reached a level where it have useful applications. . Unfortunately Alex Jones, the host of infowars did not understand the information that was presented to him and went on explaining how you need a Mayonnaise Jar to achieve Cold Fusion but that we are not at levels where it have useful applications and … apparently, according to Alex Jones the NSA is covering up the TRUTH about Cold Fusion for the public.

I dont know so much about Alex Jones but It should be safe to assume that he is not a member of Mensa.

Fortunately Al Gore did a little better job on ranting about Cold Fusion than Alex Jones but doubtfully anyone of them have any real knowledge to most recent progress in the field.



Unfortunately there was some bad news this week, another very important player within Cold Fusion, Prof Sergio Focardi  is not longer with us. Focardi was an important professor at the University of Bologna in Italy and have worked close to both Francesco Piantelli and Andrea Rossi which are both very known names within Cold Fusion.(and fierce competitors)

Focardi had 21 years background within Cold Fusion and he is credited to be one of the driving forces behind lots of the success of Andrea Rossi, as for example his safety validations.


I have money for 1 project / journey
If you have any good ideas for how to burn these money, please let us know.

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  1. gbgoble says:

    Find who is the management of the national association of environmental lobyists. Go visit them personally, present cold fusion energy, alight on a happy solution for all members. Unite behind cold fusion now.


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