Google + Cold Fusion = True?

Hello Everybody…

Doctor Bob here on a mission to save the planet!

I decided to go to the former communist state, the Czech Republik (or formerly known as Czechoslovakia). Although a very beautiful place, I found very little ideas to use with my new and coming cold fusion reactor.

The idea was to improve the reactors capacity with more Thrust for the 27 Coal Plants were dealing with in the states.

Our team needed new parts, new ideas and definitely, a new way of Think-In!

After 5 days of pampering myself and my assistant with good food and Bernard – traditional dark czech brew, I started feeling restless with the progress we where doing so we decided to drive down to Vienna to meet with someone called Oscar and his pitbull.



- Its a weakness… not always being able to love!


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Our trip to Wienna was very emotional, we where crying in average about 5 times a day. Mostly because of happiness but also because Futurama, the Tv-series have broadcasted their last show. Matt Groening have promised that if any other television network agrees to cover them, they will make at least 2 new episodes.

If no television network agrees to do that, we offer to host the episodes through our Web Log.

My friend Gregory Goble from San Fransisco have a few Epic ideas for a special episodes.


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Another dog with great Ideas is Dennis Rodmans who recently went on a trip to North Korea.

In my book, anyone traveling to North Korea to teach people playing basket is a true hero. The same can be said about North Korea, talk about making a slam dunk! Definitely a huge step in the right direction for world peace!

Dennis would be an great asset for our team!


dennis rodman,


Some other guys with very good relations in Asia is Brillouin Energy Corporation.

A good name describing Brillouin Energies technology would be “Controlled Electron Capture Reaction” (CECR)

Bob and Robert from Brillouin was recently doing an interview with Gery Hendershot from The Smart Scarecrow Radio Show in order to raise some awareness as well as capital. It seems they are interested in beating Andrea Rossi and his E-cats for releasing the first ever publicly proven available product on the market.

Why should One invest In Brillouin Energy Corporation?

- The Brillouin Energy will give you an fast ROI without blowing up foreign countries
Also it can replace fossil fuel!


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I heard North Korea is currently relying much on Coal Power and with the Brillouin Technology it would be easy to rebuild these factories to produce Green Energy instead. That will certainly be good news for Kim Jong Un and his people who is struggling with the construction of some new gas pipes.

Bob and Robert can be contacted through their webpage:


Our Adventure in East Europe have come to an end…
Wienna was an awesome place; beautiful, full of opportunities and face licking.

We eventually found what we was looking for – More Horse Powers and money, lots of it.
Finally we have the resources to finish our current engineering project!

Now we are of to Brazil for to find a cure for my well deserved hangover!






Check out the BEM Conference, many of my friends are presenters / hosts .
And as always, dont forget to share because – sharing is carrying!


Peace to all creatures on planet earth

/ Dr Bob Crew


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  1. Thanks for posting this, great info here, especially the Brillouin interview on SmartScarecrow!


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