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Have you all recovered from the Winter holiday?

Last year I made a few predictions about the year, and some of them have not yet come to fruition. For example, I predicted there would be a lot of dog bone testing going on, all over the world. And there has been, just not from as many countries as I thought. In earlier years, focus on any news coming out have typically been centered around a few top companies, or researchers, – however the last two years we have seen how people from the outside come in, and within a short amount of time been able to get much attention, for doing great work.




There is now a Cold Fusion Middle Class,

that operates in between of top companies, and researchers.

The technology itself seems to grow exponentially at the moment. If we allow ourselves to believe news coming out of Andreas blog, who are at the forefront of Cold Fusion, their team are able to improve stability, efficiency, and functionality in an tremendous speed. If we look towards the middle class we see how more and more people, from more and more countries, make one cool looking setups after another. Because of the newer recipe that is out there, it has basically become much easier to experiment with Cold Fusion, than it was before.



starwars meme surrender to the force



So what are my predictions for the new year?

Andrea Rossi & Co will continue to shine as the absolute leaders within Cold Fusion Development, and their ‘Kit Kat like’ technology will become increasingly sophisticated. Meanwhile, due to open science, and S.W.A.T, the middle class are able to (more) easily acquire and develop technology, they will continue to grow with increasing speed. The attention of setups people develop will continue to focus on dog bones, but also towards more simplistic versions, very similar to Rossi’s first successful experimental setups. This means that people in hours will be able to achieve the same results, which took Andrea Rossi years in the first place.

On the science side of things, the experimenters will further narrow in on the conditions needed to create “Cold Fusion” / LENR, this can allow people to better engineer new types of devices, with technology that does not necessarily infringe on older ones.

When it comes to the controversy of Cold Fusion, I know there is many out there who want’s to “Make Science Great Again”, but I actually think it will continue. – What is then the meaning of going to war, if you know you can’t win the war? So – rather than fighting controversy, just as with most other things that are great, it should be embraced, while we get on with our work.

lenr awareness projection


What’s your predictions?

- The Hammer Has Fallen!



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  1. Exponential growth, really?

    Bob. The fact is that almost nobody ever heard of LENR and never will.

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