This is a Message to Alexander, the CEO of Aceś High Tattoo in Copenhagen, Denmark.
I sat next to you in the  Argentinian Restaurant “La Casona” in Amsterdam 28.03.2013

Your and your crew had traveled there to support a friend of you who was about to go into a fight.

Now Its Your Time. -I Dr Bob, herby Challenge you to a fight with me in the Martial Art of your choice.

KungFu, Muai Thai, Greek Wrestling, Brazilian JinShi-Tsu, Street Fighter 2, Boxing, Pillow Fight

These are just examples of the disciplines I master!
Dont get me wrong, I like you and think that you are supercool but I listen to a lot of Hip Hop and therefor I believe that its okay to travel half way around the world to kick someones ass.

-There will be no Judge and No rules! (As usual)

Only these:

1: If I win you have to pay for my air plane tickets
2: I get to record the fight and put it on the Internet
3: If you loose you have to give me free tattoos and lots of your Fighting SportsWear
4: The winner buys the looser a Beer (If he survives)
5: The Looser have to wear pink underwear for ONE week

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I am a Shi-Tzu


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7 Responses to “I Challenge Aceś High”

  1. I wanna see the pillow fight!!!

  2. Most people would not take on a fight when all odds are against them. You´ll never hear from this guy

  3. Alexander says:

    Ha haaaaaa….. sounds fantastic.
    When will you be here, in Copenhagen?

    • Dear Aces High

      Dont worry, you have plenty of time to look for an insurance!!!

      My schedule is fully booked for the next couple of weeks so I would have to get back to you regarding that but I believe that within Maximum 2 months we can have the fight.

      Im in Bahamas right now and then I go to Berlin to promote my new techno track in a big party our friends are creating down there.

      Also we have a few other potential projects that have priority but you have my word as a Shi-Tzu


  4. Libertine says:

    Dr. Bob. You are a nuclear scientist. Alexander is a man who tattoos and punches people in the face for a living. This may not end well.

  5. Yeah I think some of your friends was in contact with me over email actually
    I have gotten a lot new readers since posting about the sirius project and I enjoyed making the video :)


  6. Hi there,

    When it comes to science and belief I think that everyone should be free to investigate whatever theory they want. (as long as they have good intentions)

    With that said, I have not blocked any of your comments!
    Id love to see what you wrote but please write it under the discussion for the Sirius post :)

    Peace / Dr Bob


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