Hi Friends!!!

I arrived Friday in Padua, Northern Italy.

As you all know, its time for an epic conference of monumental importance, The ICCF19

My trip started very good. The manager of the youth hostel where I was booked, Dr Michelangelo, is also a scientist. He was kind enough to upgrade my room for free, and put me in the top room. From where I live I can see Galileos Observatory.

Galileo himself lived in a tower looking out over the city when he was young, so I kind of feel slightly like a young Galileo, positive that I will learn and discover a lot of new things, as enthusiasts from all over the world come together to share their intellect, and knowledge.


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Dr. Michelangelo and Dr Bob


The first thing I did Saturday morning was to get to know the city together with my guide Renato. He took me to drink some nice coffe, as well some delicious pizza. Here in Padua there are no stores to purchase food, all the people eat all day is pizza!!!

We also went slightly outside the city to a nightclub that played very classy music. Both me and Renato spent our money like drunken sailors, leading to me fulfilling a certain prophecy about running out of cash within 48 hours of arrival.

I hope my friends can provide me some more money!



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ICCF19 Padua, Italy 


Today (Sunday) I went to the conference center to pick up my visitors badge. I was very happy to see that TSEM have arranged a very nice and classy event.

Tom Darden, Peter Hagelstein,  and many of my other colleagues had already arrived.  Tomorrow we start early in the morning with the opening ceremony.

Its not only ICCF19 taking off tomorrow…
Planetary Resources will also launch the Arkyd Space Telescope into space.



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Looking Classy and Sassy In Padua



There will be a bit of media showing up at the event, but of course, international media can in no way substitute the great attention to details, and professional journalism which I have come to be known for, in the LENR / Cold Fusion community.

I will not have time to update on every news that comes along. Even If I tried, I would already be 20 articles behind, so I kind of already given up.

Fortunately Mr Alain Coetmeur from Lenr Forum will also attend.
He will probably provide most of the reliable live updates.

Because I will be very busy promoting Dog Bone Technology – I thought I could open a post, and then make small announcements / updates / statements, on that article throughout the day, depending on the time I have.

Also be sure to add me on Twitter for the latest updates!



Lets Rock This Party!!!


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  1. Classy, Sassy and Italian nightclubs may lead you to hot fusion but we know you are there strictly for cold fusion ;) You dog.


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