ICCF19 Day 1 


The conference in Padua started with an orchestra playing and a welcoming by the mayor. This is my first time visiting ICCF and it has been an important day with many impressions to take in.

McKubre spoke in his opening statements about the past, the now, and the future. He mentioned that for Cold Fusion the situation has always been a lack of funding, but now, we will see an abundance of funding, but lack of talent.

On the other side, mentioning something not so positive, McKubre also spoke about the secrecy between researchers, calling this behaviour “self-abuse”. He went on to say that all cold fusion researchers should think of themselves as coworkers in one big laboratory, and pointed out that there can be very little progress when every scientists keeps their research secret from each other.



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The biggest event of the day was to hear the speech of Tom Darden from Cherokee.
I recorded the speech and posted it to youtube as I knew many people would wanna see it.  To see the videos, and also a transcript, I would recommend to visit e-catworld.com  

A speech like that – I would be surprised if that will not create a few headlines.

Speaking of headlines, I have been asked if there was a lot of journalists attending the conference. I did not see many, if any at all. There was people taking pictures, and recording the event, however it was unclear if they worked for the organizers or not. I would definately not go so far to say that there was a lot of coverage of this event.

In total I think there was 300 – 400 hundred attendees. (estimated)


Cold Fusion Reactor Fuel Capsule Parkhomov Dog Bone



It was fun to see that Alexander Parkhomov has shown up.
His home experiments has gone viral and he is now a little bit of a celebrity now.

I did not speak to him yet, but Nicolas Chauvin from LENR Cars / MFMP showed me one of the fuel capsules from Parkhomov`s Dog Bone Cores.

It might now have lots of flashing lights or lasers, but the simplicity is in itself beautiful.

People actually walk around carrying these things in their pockets. 



The picture I originally posted of what I claimed to be “the Core” of a Cold Fusion Reactor has been retracted. I have been encouraged to call it “a Fuel Capsule that is placed in the Core of a Cold Fusion Reactor”.I apologize for this and other mistakes I have made, and will make during the week. Thanks for pointing this out, and my apologies to Mr Chauvin for my very loose interpretation of what he said to me.

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