Im in the wrong country again


Hello Friends,

Precision went out the window and I mistook Slovakia for Slovenia.

Hooking up with Gunther, a truck driver,  seemed as a logic way to save some travel money at the time.

Because my German is a bit rusty there was some unfortunate misunderstandings.

Things did not get better after that… he left me on the side of the road in the middle of the night.





Eventually I managed to find a ride to Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia.

Its very beautiful here with Communists Monuments everywhere.

I should probably find somewhere to sleep because its getting colder…



  1. Barbie

    Heeey Bob Yo Can Come And Visit Me !!!
    Where Are You Now?

  2. Dr Bob

    Oh, I remember you!
    I am in Romania but leaving soon.
    Maybe another time… I guess my next visit will be going back to New Mexico
    It would be cool to hit Las Vegas on the way but if its Cold There in the winter I rather not because I had enough of snow this winter all ready
    Need to make some research on that!


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