InfoWars reporter David Knight recently covered Cold Fusion / LENR. During the segment, David who was interviewing Robert George from the Brillouin Energy Corporation had prepared with pertinent due diligence on the subject, actually to the point where he was putting words in the mouth of Robert and with stellar pinpoint accuracy continuously demonstrated an excellent understanding of what can sometimes be an extremely complex subject.

The Brillouin Energy Corporation  seems to pursue national labs to work with – possible in order to increase credibility which might help them to raise more funds for research and development. According to Roberg George, several labs had politely declined with an explanation that Cold Fusion (LENR) is too controversial. At the very end of the reportage, David Knight suggests to George that he should consider crowdsourcing.

Would it not be great if we one day got to see their products in the Infowars Online Store? While unlikely at this moment, I would not entirely rule out it could be possible in the future. All that is needed is a few people with valuable social networks, getting their hands on working useful technology, even if just a toy the demand would go from zero to Infinitum in less time then it takes me saying Abibliophobia.





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