What’s up everybody?

I follow the Political Debates from America, a little bit. It’s hard not to, because everyone is speaking about it.  Me and my girlfriend call it “The Dumb and Dumber show”.

In a sense, I don’t really want to involve myself emotionally in an election that is not mine. Very often they present some “seemingly” great candidates who all says they will cut tax, improve education and make everything nice, but then after they have been elected, they most of the time tend to break those very “deal breaking” promises which caused people to vote for them in the first place.


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Sooo…. I was bored and I made a video about Jeb Bush  fighting Donald Trump. Obviously, Jeb loses to Trump. Now this does not necessarily go to say that I’m a Trump supporter. I think anyone would win against Jeb- in any situation. The thing is that I know that Jeb recently spent some of his (oil) money on a movie titled “Donald Trump is a Jerk”, so I thought I would let him eat his own medicine.

In the world of Cold Fusion, people have been holding their breaths for some very important test results. The test has been ongoing for almost a year now, and has potential to make a much bigger impact than the “Lugano Report” that went viral late 2014. It’s probably going to take some time for the people involved to draw their conclusions and put together all their data, but when they have, chances are there will be a lot of attention towards the field.



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The conclusion of the test coincides very timely with the run up towards the election, so I wonder if anyone of the candidates will have the balls to speak about it. Jeb doesn’t have balls, so I’m obviously not holding out for him, but Donald Trump, the renegade that he is, has! Will he play fetch with me?

While I’m amazing at being able to reach nearly anyone in the world, I’ll admit that
contacting Donald would be extremely difficult.  But if I had the possibility, I’d love to speak with him about Cold Fusion, possible even introduce him to some people.


Do we know anyone that knows Donald Trump?




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