MIT Cold Fusion 101

I recently teamed up again in Boston, with my friend from Cold Fusion Now,  Jeremy Rys, to attend the IAP course at MIT, Cold Fusion 101 – Introduction to Excess Power in Fleischmann- Pons Experiments.

The course was arranged, as usual, by Peter Hagelstein and Mitch Swartz from Jet Energy Inc.




Jeremy Rys brought some of his equipment to live stream the classes to the Internet for those who could not attend in person. The videos is available on YouTube, as well

Some of the more fascinating things new this year was to hear about Jet Energy`s “M-Nanor“.
Big ups to my best friend, Jeremy Rys, for the work he did, and hosting me while visiting him, again!



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See Videos: Cold Fusion 101 – 2015 





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  1. Prof. Hagelstein continues to provide rigor in a high-energy nuclear research community noted for its rigor mortis. What has the fifty-plus years of MIT high energy nuclear research accomplished in terms of energy output from fusion? In my opinion, how about nothing.

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