Many people who are extremely rich and successful has gotten to that position because they are able to simplify something.

I used to think that I should be treating others just as I want others to treat myself. But this has turned out, not to be entirely correct. Instead, I’ve seen that most of the time, It’ll be much easier to get along with people when I treat them as they themselves wants me to treat them.

Because what we dealing with can be extremely complex, it’s important to keep things simple. All though some may, many others might not appreciate being bombarded with technicalities.


My friend told me a really great way of how to explain stuff to others.

* First explain what it is you are going to explain
* Then explain it – using several examples
* When you told them what you wanted to say, summarise it for them

It can also be useful to explain benefits, that way people can understand the importance of what you’r having to say, and relate to it.



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