Living On One Dollar

While being sick I have been watching about 40 movies. Most of them really crappy but there was One that did a big impact on me and my friends.

Living On One Dollar:

Living on one dollar is a movie about 4 American college students who travels to Guatemala during their semester to live on 1 dollar a day. There is over 1 billion people on this planet living on less than one dollar a day so these guys put their self in that situation for 56 days to see what it is like.

Beans, Rice and Bananas every day – not a life most of ous would choose if we had a choice, right?

I highly recommend everyone to see the movie, it can be downloaded here:



“Small Changes Makes Big Impacts”


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Out of the 300 people living in Pena Blanca only One person hold a formal job. The most sad part of the movie is when Chino, a 12 year old kid tells that he had to quit school in order to work in the fields because there family could not afford the 25 dollars for his education.

Except for the 56 dollars, Chris, Zach, Sean & Ryan takes out a Microfinance Loan of 125 dollar to rent a place to live and a plot of land to grow radishes. “These radishes brought us closer towards making 2 dollars a day, all though it does not seem like much, it would double our life quality.”

“With a loan of 200 dollars Rosa could start her own weaving business. With the profit she could pay for her education



Chris and Zach is sponsoring a Microfinance project of their own with a goal to raise 100,000 dollars.

So far they managed to raise 44,000.

A donation to improve other peoples lives is the perfect Christmas Present!


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Dear Chris and and Zach,

If you ever happen to find this in the future:

We work non profit. That way we can remain unbiased towards information. Also that means we can work with whoever we want  and  say whatever we feel like. The money we have made during our adventures have been donated to different charities and projects – mostly scientific research.

We are more or less brook over here.

But, since you guys actually went to Guatemala to live like a poor person all though you did not need to, and that improved other peoples life we want to show some support anyway, even if its just very little.

We have gathered 100 dollars to your Microfinance Project. Its not much money but we are brook so that is basically all the money we got at the moment. We will ask our friends to donate as well instead of buying us Christmas Presents.


Keep up the good work because the world needs more people like you!


Merry Christmas!


/ Dr Bob and friends



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  1. Awesome! Great idea! Keep up this work!!

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