The Mandelbrot Set & Fractal Geometry

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Have you ever heard of Benoit Mandelbrot and his research within Fractal Geometry? Benoit was born in Poland and he did some amazing work developing new mathematics letting us explore the “hidden dimensions of fractal geometry”.

Fractal Geometry


“Fractals” are objects that display self-similarity at various scales. If we magnify a fractal we shall find small-scale details similar to the large-scale characteristics. Although the Mandelbrot set is self-similar at magnified scales, the small scale details are not identical to the whole. All though the Mandelbrot set is infinitely complex we can created them based on very simple mathematics.

The most famous fractal is called “The Mandelbrot set” which was generated by computers at IBM where Benoit was working at the time.


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Fractals can be found all around us in the Universe. A good example of fractals would be looking at a pictures of our solar system and then looking at a picture of an atom. Just as the sun circles around our 2-dimensional flat planet on a large scale, we can see almost the same pattern if we magnify this picture and study individual atoms which we shall find circling around the negatively charged electrons.

heart, fractals heart,

These fractals resemble a human heart.


shell fractals, seashell geometry,

These fractals resemble a seashell


core, suns core, sun geometry,

These fractals resemble our star


cyclone, fractals hidden in nature,

These fractals resemble an cyclone on earth


broccoli fractals,

These fractals resemble Broccoli


lsd patern, lsd hallucinations,

These fractals resemble my living room floor last weekend


peacock, fracals peacock

These fractals resemble a peacock


fractal flowers,

These fractals resemble spring flowers



Arthur C Clarke made the bold claim that fractal geometry was one of the most revolutionary discoveries within the field of mathematics all though at that time it was questioned if the discovery of fractals would ever have real world applications. Today fractal geometry is being used for Animations, Virtual Reality, Bio Medicine, Invisibility Cloaks, Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programing, Cold Fusion & Telecommunications.





  I love watching fractal geometry patterns after a hard day in the laboratory as a way to relax and float away into a different state of mind where I can explore my inner consciousness. Watching these animations seems(?) to open us up to new ideas and expands our creative abilities.  




The concept of fractals made a huge impact on my life and the way I observe the world around me when I was first presented to them. As this is a very open subject poorly understood and open for debate I would love for to hear what others have to say about the importance and meaning of Fractal Geometry.


Truth is always open for debate!






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4 Responses to “The Mandelbrot Set & Fractal Geometry”

  1. curbina says:

    I see fractal patterns in the way rain and water streams erode the landscape. In the way that tree branches grow. In the way that blood vessels irrigate the organs. Nature is full of fractal patterns. I thing that the Universe, seen from a good enough distance, is a fractal pattern in itself.

    Fractal erosion pattern in Chile’s Valle de la Luna.

  2. Yes. Fractals DO represent life and all it’s constituant parts…

  3. Yeah I’d say that’s pretty much how the livingroom floor looked! :) It’s also interesting to ponder why ancient astrologers had this notion of “as above so below”.. Is that not describing a fractal universe if anything?

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