When a person is biassed towards one specific agenda, he or she would sometimes use psychological weapons of manipulation to mine intelligence or sway public opinion in a way favourable to his cause in pursuit of personal gain. There are probably hundreds of techniques to manipulate, here are some of them:

Dunning Kruger Strategy
Illusion of External Agency
Passive Manipulation
Defensive Attribution Hypothesis Avoidance
Mundane Manipulation
Mood-Congruent Memory Bias
Induce Fear (Existential / Social)
Induce Doubt
Persistence / Repetition
Agree, Agree, Disagree

Paratruth - Donald trump proclaims that 300 million muslims live in Oklahoma.  The next day every newspaper proclaims his statement is false, there are only 250 million muslims living in Oklahoma. Trump made his point, lying and manipulating. TKO 


How do you know if someone is manipulating?


-  Words intended to trigger emotional reactions / behaviour
- Lack of self-criticism
- Para-truths intended to manipulate
- Someone is diverting your attention from something relevant
- Someone is biassed (All news are propaganda including this web page)
- Someone wants you to believe stuff for no particular reason
- Actions and words seem incoherent

Lets take a look at some of these techniques used to persuade and create influence


The Von Restorff Effect: 


I think most of my readers will be able to relate to the Von Restorff Effect and maybe even perceive how it is strategically and intentionally being used against them every single day of their lives. (For example Brexit)

Let’s say there is a heated discussion taking place with many commentators, beliefs and opinions. Someone with knowledge of psychology could then use The Von Restorff Effect  which is the art of making a “conspicuous” statement in order to make sure their message is programmed subconsciously with priority into their target brain thinking capacity.

Use words that trigger an emotional  reaction and stands out.  When programming a brain, emotions are far more effective than facts so evoke scenarios that are disturbing, hilarious, frightening, threatening, negatively consequential.   Tell a dirty joke —-> Invent a new fun new long word —–> THERE WILL BE CONSEQUENCES AND THE WORLD WILL PERISH

Thinking of the topic your subconscious and unconscious parts of the brain will  prioritise THAT comment when feeding information to your conscious brain. Someone is in effect blocking out  information in favour of conspicuous information. A statement using the Von Restorff Triggering might  have plain boring facts or factual information woven into it which then in a subsequent order is given more recognition and importance taking up  “brain thinking capacity ”  in favour of competing for information.

(If you think this has nothing to do with science and notion, ask someone who studies psychology or neuro linguistic programming)





Memories are not real!


But surely only stupid people can be manipulated? Well, not really – conscious, even unconscious and non-concious beings can be manipulated while our perceived reality and belief system can be altered.  Everything we think we know is a memory of  something we think we’ve seen, heard, read, touched, smelt etc

During the soviet union, fear, repetition and language were used to program behaviour and alter political beliefs. For example, political prisoners were forced to repeatedly proclaim something with our own words, evoking additional senses(hearing, reading), and their brain then eventually prioritised that information over time as a possible truth in favour of belief and memory.


Every time you try to think of a real memory or situation, you alter that memory and if it ever was real, you actually now managed to make it less real.  Another fun way of altering reality or memory and recognition is to tell a story and focus on irrelevant details. This is what priests and hypnotists do.

Before a priest in a church asks for your donations he will remind you of Jesus suffering for your sins or make you feel guilty for not being homeless and having to sleep on a cold hard floor. Along the way, he might make many dramatical pauses, drastically change the tone of his voice back and forward – leading you into a mild state of trance.

You can also block memories – you do it by creating and bombarding someone with very similar memories and pieces of information that conflict with one another. If you are human, and if you have a brain, that’ll work for you as well. The purposes are to confuse you and short circuit the path that signals is being passed around through the synapsis in your brain. Most of the time it’s, however, more effective to pick one specific lie and then repeat it.


Why is manipulation used in the first place?

-  It is cheaper and more efficient than brute force and weapons
- Used for marketing, social engineering, propaganda, governance, reproduction, learning, mental health, scamming…… 


What happens when you are manipulated?
- You unconsciously become mentally blocked and blinded. This is the post-manipulation self-justification process known as for example Stockholm-syndrome.


Example: That guy is soo darn nice, and he seems so confident, maybe there are pyramids on Mars

: Buying a Ferrari. Falling for the Stockholm-syndrome the customers starts to promote and defend their behaviour trying to justify their own action. Obviously, there is no rational reason one would buy a Ferrari in favour of a faster, cheaper and safer electrical car. The (manipulated) buyer become the main evangelists trying to get other to do what they did to justify their own stupidity.



its a diversion




Why do people manipulate?

- To be heard, recognised, rewarded (money, articles, links)
- To divert attention
- To falsely accuse someone (FALSE FLAG)
- Because they think the outcome of a situation justifies the means
- To scare people from questioning, believing, researching, voting, investing, giving, THINKING,
- Study someone’s reaction or acquire information
- For the thrill of domination
- It is behaviour deeply rooted in our nature (genetical / social)


What to do:

- Walk away and lick your wounds, try to get back on your feet
- Be objective
- Fight back and be prepared to taking some punches
- Sacrifice someone   (Dis-information, propaganda and manipulation are dirty businesses)
- Create a trap / honeycomb
- Escalate the conflict (Often counter productive)


It is very hard to win an information war going up against formidable enemies such as state, party, military, lobby.  I’d probably not recommend it.  People won’t support you for being honest, or a nice guy, we are all a bit cruel and sadistic by nature and as species, we love to see a bloody fight. Probably the best thing you could do is to try to find someone with a mutual  interest and great power, use them as your ally and let them do your fighting for you.

On the Internet and in Media most of the time manipulation is used to divert your attention, money and energy  from something. The fact that you fight back sometimes cause a TKO.


If you ever happen to believe someone might be conspiring against you, the first thing you should probably do before anything else is to learn more about how these things work.





Test Exercises:


1: Mentally control another person’s motor-function 

Speak slowly and boring to someone with a monotone and mundane voice. During the conversation speak slower and slower. Eventually, interrupt your own words by long yawnings.
The test subject will eventually unconsciously start to yawn as well- without you having told him / her to do so.

How it works: We mirror others mood, state and body language in social situations

2: Try to resist  my hypnosis 

- Close your eyes
- Choose a comfortable position and focus only on your own breathing for a few minutes
- Think of nothing else than your breathing
- Eventually you will feel your pulse go down as your muscles relax
- At this point the real exercise can start, concentrate your thought towards your own tongue
- As you are thinking on your tongue, you will feel how your tongue eventually starts to grow
- Try to resist opening your moth, as long as you think about your tongue, the tongue will continue to grow
- If you continue long enough, you cannot resist to open your mouth due to the growth of your tongue

How it works: Your behaviour is programed (predetermined), the act of trying to resist the program will cause your brain to exceute the code



3: Manipulate a person into performing nasal reconstructive surgery (advanced, unethical) 

(The test subject must be a person who is vain, preferrable someone who perceives you as a friend.)

During a conversation with subject suddenly go silent, squeeze your eyes slightly, slowly lean forward and stare as hypnotised on subjects nose.
When the person ask if you are ok, answer “I never realised you have a skew nose”.

Within two weeks, instruct another person (preferable a friend) to perform the exact same exercise with the subject. Subjects self-image could now be distorted when looking  in mirrors.Test subject will ask others if her nose is skew, when told it is not, the subject will perceive this as a lie told to protect him / her. Repeat the process until subject  have undergone reconstructive surgery . (Two-year timeframe)

How it works: I don’t know, but it does.



What Do You Think?