Mars One

Human Settlement on Mars from 2025?

Mars One is a non profit foundation that wants to send a team of four humans to Mars in 2024.

If successful they will make China’s Lunar Mission a few days ago look pail in comparison.

We already have the technology to start a colony of Mars

What was needed is a little bit of motivation and a little bit of funding.

This is among the most amazing I every heard of.  Almost!


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Mars One is right now doing a Kickstarter Campaign on to collect 400,000 dollars for sending satellites and a “lander” to Mars in 2018 to prepare for the colonists arrival in 2025.  Over 200,000 people applied for colonizing Mars and the selected few will start their training in Mars like environments here on earth 2015.  That adds up to 8 years of training where they will go through isolating and learn how to deal with living in confined environments. During the training they will also learn things like medicine and how to operate and repair their equipment.


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In 2022 six cargo missions will be launched. Two Living Units, two Life Support Systems, and two Supply Units. A rover then puts the units together and starts to collect Ice from Mars Surface to produce Water and other components that will be used for breathable air for our brave colonists. The rover will also place Marsian Soil on top of the modules to protect from radiation.


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The journey to Mars will take 210 days to complete.
A second crew will land 2027 and after that another crew of 4 people will land every second year.

As all the colonist are young we are looking towards some prime time space entertainment!


Think Paradise Hotel!
In space….



* One of the perks if contributing 25 Dollars is a “Mars Selfie” from the Mars Communication Satellite with Mars Orbit as the background. Bas Lansdorp and his team at Mars One pretty much” borrowed” that Idea straight from Planetary Resources and our Kickstarter for the Arkyd Space Telescope. As mentioned before, great ideas spread with the speed of light with new information technology!



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